Learn How To Settle Properties During Divorce

Not all marriage ends well no matter how hard couples prayed for it or work hard for it to last. The law recognized this as a reality and provided a provision for couples to basically declare their marriage null and void, also called as the divorce process. While divorce settles the relationship, allowing them to … Continued

Divorce Process: Making It Easy For The Children

There are several reasons why couples end up in a divorce. From misunderstanding to have no time for each other to cheating, betrayal, and so much more than they reached the boiling point and decided to part ways. That is the painful reality. While there are those who fulfilled their promise of forever, there are … Continued

Undergoing Divorce Process? Learn How To Sell Your House Fast

Not all marriage works perfectly. There are married couples who decided to end their relationship for several reasons. Among the most common divorce reasons include cheating, impotency, lacks time on each other, among others. However, regardless of the reason that prompted them to end their married life together, divorce or dissolution of marriage is an … Continued

Common Divorce Reasons

While we root for relationships to prosper and lasts much longer, there are unseen circumstances that prevent it from happening. It’s sad to see couples ending up breaking up, even worse to see them filing a divorce. But that is the reality. Couples end up wanting each other out of their respective lives – and … Continued

Selling The House During A Divorce: What You Must Know?

Divorce is among the saddest part of every married couple. It is the ultimate sign of completely giving up into the relationship, deciding to end it, move on and start a new life without each other. It’s a stressful, emotionally draining process they need to withstand. However, it is not just the emotion they should … Continued

Stress-Free Divorce Process: What To Follow and What To Avoid?

Married couples always wanted to have a happy married life where there’s less problem to worry in their entire marriage. But the reality of life tells otherwise. There are couples who failed to preserve their marriage, ending up filing a divorce. It is actually very hard especially if the family already have children. They might … Continued

Selling The House During Divorce: A Tough Decision

While we would love to see couples last longer in their marriage as they build a family on their own. It is not always the case for some of them. Unfortunately, some good things didn’t last, ending up for both parties to file a divorce, undergoing the entire grueling legal process of divorce and move … Continued

Divorce in Baltimore: Who’s Gonna Keep The House?

Everyone wants a happy ending to their relationship, especially for a married couple. Most of the time, they always want to keep their married life intact and keep the relationship working. However, some relationships simply don’t work, which ended in filing a divorce. Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage by a court in … Continued

Divorce. Death. Remarriage.

Forever is a very long time and nothing lasts forever. For some, this may be not true but for some, it is. This applies to marriages and not all end in a happy ever after. When this time comes, family members should know how to handle it. Helping Your Teen Adjust to Divorce In an … Continued

Divorce. Division.

Not all stories have happy ending. This applies to some relationships and marriages. Others might have prepared through a pre-nuptial agreement but what if you haven’t? All, if not most, end up having the actual separation process longer because of the need to properly divide properties. Gladly, there are several laws and proceedings to date … Continued