Visit Baltimore: Things The City of Baltimore Known For

The City of Baltimore is among the major cities in the state of Maryland with a very long history as a significant seaport not just in Maryland, but in the entire country as well. Baltimore is also the second-largest seaport in Mid-Atlantic. Because of this status, the city dubbed as the Charm City experiences thousands, even hundreds of thousands of tourists flock in Baltimore all throughout the year for various reasons. But one thing is for sure, all of them fell in love into something unique to the city.

There are definitely unique things and stuff that you only find in Baltimore and possibly the reasons why a lot of tourists keep coming back to the city. Jasmine Eppes compiled a list of these unique things you can only find in Baltimore. Check out the list below and be surprised.

11 Things You’d Only Find in Baltimore

As anyone who has visited Baltimore, Maryland, knows, the city is unique—it’s small, but still big and vibrant. Not only does it have character, but it’s full of sites and activities that are only found here. In Baltimore, you’ll not only find the best crab cakes, but you’ll also get a chance to visit the city’s oldest market, experience local cuisines, and much more.

Baltimore’s Oldest Market

Lexington Market is not only Baltimore’s oldest market, but it was founded in 1782, which makes it the oldest market in the U.S., too. Among the 95 vendors, visitors will find an authentic Baltimorean experience filled with locals selling their culinary creations, such as the authentic Berger cookies, Connie’s Chicken and Waffles, and Konstant’s Candy. The market is easily accessible, no matter your choice of transportation; walk, drive, take the bus, the Baltimore light rail, or the subway trains.

Lexington Market, 400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 685 6169

Authentic Baltimore Crab Cakes

Image Credits: Crab cake | © Steven Depolo/Flickr | © Steven Depolo / Flickr

If you have an intense craving for an amazing crab cake, Pappas Restaurant & Sports Bar is the place to go. At Pappas, they pride themselves on their crab cake recipe and refuse to let anyone else in on the secret. They’re known around the city to use the freshest ingredients of the highest quality and to have very fair prices.

Pappas Restaurant & Sports Bar, 1725 Taylor Ave, Parkville, MD, USA, +1 410 661 4357

The Filming Locations for The Wire

Those that have so much as heard of HBO’s hit TV show The Wire know that it was filmed in the city streets of Baltimore. This show has had many fans throughout the years, even accumulating more viewers after the series ended. The cast and crew filmed in some of the more well known rough spots in the city, including Fulton Ave., W. Fayette Street, and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., which bolstered the series’s authenticity and grit.

Dropping the “T”

If you’re a true Baltimorean, you know the name of the city is actually pronounced “Bawlmer.” Or you ask for a glass of “wooder,” not water. Saying these words differently by no means suggests a lack of intelligence on anyone’s part; it’s simply how Baltimoreans speak and express themselves. There’s just something different about the Baltimore accent. See full post here…

The dish like the authentic Baltimore crab cakes is expected to be on the list of uniquely Baltimore as the city is also dubbed the world’s crab capital. The restaurant offering the dish ensure to only using the freshest and top quality ingredients in their crab cake. Their oldest market is also the country’s oldest market is very accessible to everyone in the city.

Libby Zay listed some of the city’s best tourists (and locals) attractions as well as the things you have to do while staying in the city. Check out the list below.

7 Things You Have to Do in Baltimore

Ask any Baltimore local and they’ll agree there are a few things you simply have to do during your stay here. From chowing down on steamed crabs to can’t-miss landmarks, here are some of the things you shouldn’t leave Baltimore without doing and seeing.

Get to Know Baltimore’s Many Neighborhoods

Image Source: Greg Pease/Getty Images

Baltimore has more than 225 neighborhoods, each with their own personality. Exploring them all while on the trip to the city—or perhaps even in a lifetime—would be impossible, but there are a few well-known neighborhoods that are perfect for a day or night on the town. One such neighborhood is Fells Point, a neighborhood famous for its maritime past that has more than 120 pubs (along with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, music stores, boutiques, and more). There’s also Federal Hill, known for its nightlife and the Cross Street Market, and Hampden, an electric neighborhood known for its restaurants, bars, shops, and small-town atmosphere.

Pick up Some Steamed Crabs

Baltimore is world famous for its crab houses, and getting some friends together to pick fresh crabs is a Baltimore tradition. Don’t know how to pick crabs? Never fear, the link above will help you find the best crab spots. Other Baltimore food specialties include pit beef, lake trout, Berger cookies, and snowballs, which have their origins in Baltimore.

Drink a Natty Boh or Local Beer

Although it hasn’t been brewed in Baltimore for years, National Bohemian (known in Baltimore as Natty Boh or in some parts simply as National) is still the beer of choice in Charm City. While visiting, you’ll come to know the beer’s mascot, Mr. Boh, a one-eyed, handlebar-mustachioed caricature who graces t-shirts and advertisements across the city. Local breweries available on tap across the city include Heavy Seas, Union Craft Brewing, and DuClaw. Learn more here…

Those are really awesome and exciting things to do in Baltimore. A combination of food, drinks, and a lively neighborhood is to be expected while in the Charm City. In addition, exploring the over 200 neighborhood is also a challenging experience for the tourists.

Lastly, for those who are into Baltimore and having a tour on a budget, you can definitely achieve it for as low as $10. Nabil Yafai wrote an awesome article in Inter Exchange on how to enjoy your trip to Charm city for as low as $10.

Top 10 Things to Do for Under $10 in Baltimore

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland. With a population over 600,000, Baltimore is the 26th most populous state in the United States! Here are a few cheap things to do when you are visiting Baltimore:

10. Baltimore Museum of Art

Home to a renowned and diverse collection of art that spans many centuries and various periods. The museum was founded in 1914 with a single painting and today it is home to over 95,000 works of art. If you are a fan of 19th-century, modern, and contemporary art it is worth the visit. General admission is free!

9. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

This ballpark is home to the Baltimore Orioles. The ballpark opened on April 6, 1992 and became a source of inspiration for other baseball teams to construct more traditional ballparks. Tickets for a tour of the beautiful ballpark can be purchased for $9 but if you keep you keep an eye on StubHub you may be able to purchase tickets to a game for under $10!

8. The Walters Art Museum

Founded in 1934 by William Thompson Walters and his son Henry Walters, the museum contains over 22,000 works of art and offers a one of- a-kind survey of 55 centuries of art. General admission is free!

7. Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Former home of American writer Edgar Allan Poe in the 1830s. The house was designated as a national historic landmark in 1972. Admission to the house and museum is $5.

6. Baltimore Inner Harbor

Located in the heart of Baltimore, the Inner Harbor is the city’s number one tourist destination. The Inner Harbor is home to many Baltimore attractions and a great place to go to sightseeing. Check online to find out which attractions have free admission.

Read the entire list here…

There are definitely lots of things unique to Baltimore itself. From delicious food, drinks, and world-class attractions, Baltimore definitely has lots to offer for both its tourists and locals alike. There are also events and festivals in the city all year round. Also, if you’re planning to visit Baltimore anytime soon, the abovementioned article could also serve as your ultimate guide to enjoy Baltimore.

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