Experience Sledding in Baltimore

As mentioned in different articles and magazines, Baltimore is known for its several attractions. All year round, tourists flock the city for different reasons; taste the seafood and crabs, visit some historical landmarks, and more. During winter in Baltimore, one popular tourist attractions are the Sledding.

Indeed, there are lots of sledding spots in Baltimore, and Sarah Bregel of Baltimore Magazine shared them to us. So if planned to go sledding with your family and friends in the Charm City, read the article below.

Baltimore’s Best Sledding Spots

Image Credits: Baltimore Magazine

If you’re a local parent, you’ve likely got one eye on your weather app at all times. Unfortunately for your schedule, more snow is in the forecast. Fortunately for the kids, that means a bit more of the best part of winter: the sledding! While it can be tempting to hide under a heated blanket until springtime, the snowy hills of Baltimore are the perfect excuse to venture out of your cozy home.

From big slopes to mild ones, there are tons of hills to hit. And you really should. Not only because hot cocoa always tastes better after a day of sledding, but Instagram is practically made for adorable pics of your winter riders.

Baltimore County Board of Education (aka Greenwood)
This super steep hill is a favorite sledding spot whenever the snow comes to town. Whether it’s a couple of inches or a blizzard, it doesn’t matter. The massive hill will send kids soaring, either way. Just beware of the big ditch at the bottom that’s surely been the cause of more than a few ice cold wipeouts. 6901 Charles Street Towson, next to Loyola Blakefield

Herring Run Park
The beloved park that sits between Harford and Argonne roads, near Lake Montebello, is known for its beautiful scenic views all year long. Come winter, it’s also a top sledding spot! Hills are of varied elevations for kids of all ages to enjoy. Little ones can stay on the small slopes while the big kids might get adventurous on the steeper hills that they can pick up speed on. Harford and Argonne Roads

Baltimore Country Club (aka “Suicide Hill”):
This sketchy hill can be seen as you drive along Falls Road. But beware, it’s extremely steep and a bit dangerous. There have been plenty of injuries on this insane slope, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but rumor has it, it’s still pretty thrilling. Another reason this spot is only for the bravest of the brave? It’s not exactly legal, per say, so trespassers beware, and maybe have a lawyer handy. 4712 Club Road

Dumbarton Middle School
Rodgers Forgers have been hitting up the pint-sized hills surrounding the fields between Dumbarton Middle and Rodgers Forge Elementary schools for eons. It’s a short ride down one of these small slopes which are great for small riders. Older neighborhood kids have been known to get clever, building ramps and finding creative ways to make their sleds soar. 300 Dumbarton Road

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These sledding locations in Baltimore are very popular among locals and tourists, especially the kids. These sledding areas are among the safest in the country as well. If the list above is not enough for you to try, you may also check out the article written by Abby Tang of Patch.com

12 Best Places to Sled in Baltimore County

Image Credits: Patch.com

We asked Patch Readers where they’ll go to sled post-snowpocalypse. Here’s a list of local favorites.

With the promise of serious winter weather looming over Arbutus this weekend, Patch Readers are stocking up on their emergency supplies and enjoying a snow day.

But what about after the storm?

Even though Maryland State Police are asking drivers to stay off the roads, they said nothing about the hills. We asked Patch Readers where were the best places to sled around Baltimore County and here’s what they said:

  • “Go to perry hall high school. that’s where we use to always go growing up, the school is probably your best bet, and you can cut up courts like ratna or silver hall to get to the high school from behind.”
  • CCBC hill.”
  • “We go to Kenwood
  • “Don’t forget Franklin elementary!”
  • “I since moved from hickoryhurst drive but if you enter hickoryhurst from klausmier there is a nice open patch of land with a hill. This was our favorite spot for 15 years in the neighborhood”
  • “CHS too”
  • “Eastern Tech”
  • “Owings Mills high school”
  • “Oregon Ridge”

Browse the rest of the list here…

While these sledding areas are safe and secured for guests and tourists, it is still recommended to observe safety first. If this is your first time trying this winter attraction, then check out this sledding 101 tips written by Kit Waskom Pollard in The Baltimore Sun that includes safety tips before sledding.

Baltimore Sledding 101: Most Popular Hills, Safety Tips and More

Image Source: The Baltimore Sun

Last January, after a winter storm dumped nearly 30 inches of snow on the region, many Baltimoreans were given two great gifts: an extended break from school and work, and some serious sledding hills to explore.

Lutherville resident Dan Taylor and his daughter Ryan, now 9, found their sledding spot close to home, on the “enormous” horseshoe-shaped hill behind Ridgely Middle School.

“It’s a great spot, there’s such a huge field,” said Taylor. “We were there for days. It got packed down and kids were snowboarding on it. It was so good.”

While the Baltimore area hasn’t seen anything close to “Snowzilla” this winter, there’s still plenty of time for winter weather to arrive. If and when snow does fall, be prepared to maximize sledding potential by taking the appropriate safety measures, choosing the right equipment, and — of course — knowing the best hills.

The Baltimore region is full of potential sledding spots. The best have plenty of space for a crowd and at least one hill of impressive size and slope. They’re also convenient — when it’s snowy outside, nobody wants to travel too far or get stuck trying to find a parking spot.

As a result, snow bunnies like the Taylors often end up seeking out sledding destinations right in their backyards, both literally and figuratively. Schools, like Ridgely and Anne Arundel Community college; golf courses, such as the one at McDaniel College; and local parks, from Federal Hill to Herring Run, are all sledding hot spots. (A word of warning: When possible, check with the owner of the property before setting out to sled. Not every organization perched on a hill welcomes it.) Click here to read the rest of the article…

Baltimore definitely has lots to offer to its tourists (and locals) all year round. Even during winter where snow’s falling everywhere, sledding has indeed become a major attraction of the city as well as the number of guests doing the event rapidly increases over the past years.

There you have it, try sledding now before the winter season ends. If you want to know more about Baltimore’s fun attractions, visit our page at https://www.dependablehomebuyers.com/maryland/baltimore/.

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