Renting A House in Baltimore

Baltimore is a great place to live with many opportunities to start a career, start a business, explore historical landmarks, eat some good food and so much more fun things to discover in Charm city. The only problem you’ll encounter is a place to live in the duration of your stay in Baltimore. The easiest … Continued

First Time Landlord? These Tips Might Be Very Helpful

You own a house, then you want to rent it to make some money, that makes you what they called “a landlord”. Basically, this is a type of real estate investing by means of renting a property; a house or a multi-room apartment for the sole purpose of making money out of it by renting … Continued

Investing in Real Estate

Saving for the future. That’s what we always want and do. Earning out of that savings is another thing. Others opt to set up businesses but most advice, if not all the time, if you have the means, why not invest in real estate. While most things depreciate overtime, real estate properties, in general, appreciate. … Continued

Making a Profit With Rental Properties

Owning a property is an achievement; making your property to generate income is a another feat to that achievement. While there have been lots of stories of real estate moguls and the crazy income they are getting, they all but have started on the first part of being a landlord. Yes. All things start with … Continued

The Surprising Truth of Being a Landlord in Annapolis, MD

Do you own a home and/or rental property in Annapolis, MD? Are you considering an investment property in the near future? If so, make sure you know the surprising truth of being a landlord in Annapolis before you take the plunge. A word to the wise–expect the unexpected. Owning a rental property seems like a … Continued

4 Ways to Deal With a Frustrating Tenant in Baltimore, MD

Are you a frustrated landlord? Do you or have you had tenants from hell? Believe me, you are not alone. As a landlord myself, I have felt your pain. I am sure that many landlords can relate to this situation and found out the hard way that having frustrating and/or destructive tenants in their dwellings … Continued

Selling Rental Property With Tenants in Baltimore, MD

Selling rental property with tenants in Baltimore can be tricky. Though some owners wait until the lease ends to sell their rental property, others cannot afford to have their house vacant while it is on the market. Selling the house vacant can be costly but selling it with tenants provides its own logistics headache. When selling … Continued