4 Ways to Deal With a Frustrating Tenant in Baltimore, MD

Are you a frustrated landlord? Do you or have you had tenants from hell? Believe me, you are not alone. As a landlord myself, I have felt your pain. I am sure that many landlords can relate to this situation and found out the hard way that having frustrating and/or destructive tenants in their dwellings can lead to a very complicated and costly situation. With that being said, here are 4 ways to deal with frustrating tenants in Baltimore, MD and everywhere in between.

Reason and/or Negotiate With the Frustrating Tenant

Try negotiating with your frustrating tenant
Try negotiating with your frustrating tenant

Let’s face it, when you own a rental property, you will encounter undesirable renters at some point. They might trash or damage the property, may be delinquent with the rent, too many people could be living in the unit, or perhaps they call you about every little creak or dust bunny. In such situations, it is wise to try to reason with them and help them understand their obligations. If there are damages and/or substantial clean-up costs involved, the tenant should be held responsible for those costs. If they refuse, take them to court. If they are behind in their rent, try to work with them and arrange a payment plan or perhaps they could work off some of the debt by doing odd jobs around the property. Sometimes, a different payment schedule could also help resolve the problem. Depending on their pay cycles and/or other financial obligations, it might be easier for them to pay on a weekly or bi-weekly basis instead of every month.

Evict Your Troublemakers

This is often considered a last resort option, but if it is a potentially dangerous and/or medically-concerning situation, it may be your best remedy. Keep in mind that evicting tenants can be a very tricky and legally complicated maneuver. The laws in many areas often favor tenants over landlords, so make sure you have documentation of all issues involved and photographic evidence if applicable. This is also a more expensive solution and could take some time to resolve, but depending on the circumstances involved, it could be worth the time and effort.

Other Legal Options Could Be Available

In certain situations, there are other legal options at your disposal. As previously mentioned, taking your renters to court is one remedy to consider, especially if your rental property has been damaged and/or destroyed. You should check your homeowner’s insurance to see what is covered, and if you have rental property, you should insure it. However, depending on the policy, the coverage might be limited and filing a claim could result in higher premiums. Nonetheless, if the tenants damaged the property, they should be held accountable and you could even get their wages garnished to ensure payment. Of course, it all depends on the circumstances involved and the laws governing the situation, as well as the state and/or municipality involved and the judge handling the case. This option also might require the assistance of an attorney, but it could be worth the expense to remove your undesirable tenants and reclaim your rental property.

Sell Your Property

If your tenants are a true exercise in patience and you cannot take it anymore, then there is the option to sell your property. In fact, many rental property owners have turned to Dependable Homebuyers due to their angst over dealing with tenants. This solution also removes the burden of evicting an unruly tenant, so you do not have to feel like the “bad guy.

If you want to sell your rental property in the Baltimore, MD area, or just wish to rid yourself of the hassles and/or headaches of being a landlord, then contact Dependable Homebuyers and we can make you an offer. For an offer or more information, you can contact Dependable Homebuyers via the online form or call anytime at (855) 741-4848.

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