Baltimore Rent Increases: One Of The Lowest In The Past Decade

Baltimore is a progressive and fast developing city with employment opportunities surging up that a lot of people from outside Baltimore are benefiting from it. This also means that these people seeking employment need a place to stay while in Baltimore, and a big majority of them definitely will opt for property rentals. It is … Continued

Property Rental Tips That Translate Into Profit

People are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio, plan for their retirement by earning passive income – and a lot of them are venturing to real estate investing for its potential to earn money while preserving their capital. There is a handful of real estate investment types that could potentially provide high rewards while … Continued

Rental Growth May See Modest Declines in 2019

Due to increasing home prices and less and fewer people are able to afford to purchase a home, forcing homeowners to rent a property or a house for a longer period of time that at some point, they are changing their minds preferring renting over buying a new house. With rising home prices amidst better … Continued

Avoid These Costly Landlord Mistakes To Maximize Rentals Profitability

Property rentals are among the most popular and one of the most profitable real estate investment types. It is relatively easy to manage and does not require expert investment or real estate investing skills to become successful. However, there are still significant things to do and mistakes to avoid for every landlord to maximize profitability. … Continued

Becoming A Landlord: What Are The Things You Must Expect?

Property rentals are among the most popular types of real estate investments primarily because it is the least complicated and your house is still intact. All you’re doing is to rent the property to someone, or people called tenants basically for profit. You as the owner becomes the landlord. Now that you officially become the … Continued

How To Become A Stress-Free Landlord?

With Baltimore’s booming economy, it opens a lot of opportunities for businesses to expand, creating more employment opportunities for people not only in Baltimore but also for people living in nearby cities. With this sudden increase in demand, it’s a good opportunity to start transforming your home or start a rental property business. You’ll now … Continued