Home Upgrades Worth the Investment in Annapolis, MD

There are a number of home upgrades that are worth the investment in Annapolis, MD
There are a number of home upgrades that are worth the investment in Annapolis, MD

When people begin thinking about selling their home in Annapolis, MD, home upgrades often top the list of priorities. However, doing too much, or upgrading things that do not provide much return can be a waste of time and money. That being said, here are 3 home upgrades to invest in and 3 to forget about when selling your property in Annapolis.

Home Upgrades to Invest In


Paint can be a high return investment
Paint can be a high return investment

Simply putting on a fresh coat of paint can literally revive a room and give it new life. It is best to stick with neutral colors and add in some color elsewhere with accent pieces, throw pillows, artwork, etc. Best of all, paint is relatively cheap and this low-cost upgrade goes a long way and can produce a significant impact. Furthermore, this improvement will help cover up imperfections and/or blemishes in the wall, cracks, screw and/or nail holes, etc.

Touch-Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom

A bath renovation is a great update for a home in Annapolis
A bath renovation is a great update for a home in Annapolis

You should do some touch-ups around the house, in preparation to sell your property. However, the focus should be on smaller upgrades that will make a significant impact without costing a mint. Simple home upgrades, such as new paint, replacement fixtures, drawer pulls, and resurfacing your cabinets, are affordable ways to renovate and bring new life to both rooms. Moreover, some appliance manufacturers even sell new and alternate colored faceplates. Case in point, you could switch out the front of your dishwasher to match your resurfaced cabinets and/or other appliances. This is an excellent way to coordinate things and save money when you’re preparing your Annapolis, MD home for sale.

You should apply the same principles to updating your bathroom. You might want to re-tile the floor and deep clean the grout. Then, you can re-grout if necessary. You will want to replace or fix any cracked tiles and/or broken hardware (e.g. loose towel racks, broken toothbrush holder, cracked soap dish, etc.). Another option includes a shower renovation, which could be quite costly if a complete replacement is required. However, in most cases, a pre-fab cover or resurfacing will do the job and is much cheaper than a full shower renovation.

Landscaping Is Crucial

Landscaping can add to your curb appeal
Landscaping can add to your curb appeal

Annapolis homes are known for their amazing curb appeal. You can plant some flowers around the house and/or trim some bushes or trees to enhance your property’s curb appeal. If you are too busy or cannot physically do the work yourself, hire a landscaper to help you get things in order and keep your lawn nicely manicured. You could also add inexpensive accent touches, such as rocks, mulch, or hanging plants, to keep the exterior of the property looking spiffy and well-maintained but low-maintenance.

Home Upgrades to Forget About

Do Not Worry About Finishing the Basement

This type of project tends to snowball out of control and can easily morph into a large-scale nightmare, which will be both expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, you will rarely make back anywhere close to what you put into it. The better option is to allow the new owners to fix up this space to their liking. Maybe they will want to turn it into a “man cave,” game room, or build extra bedrooms. When you are ready to price the house, take the unfinished space into consideration and let buyers know that is reflected in your pricing.

Forget About Adding Pools, Patios, or Decks

Again, these are all examples of very expensive home upgrades without much return. If you have an open space, opt for inexpensive accent pieces, such as plants or pavers, to enhance the space. Let the new owners assume the responsibility and costs involved with transforming the space with their tastes and specifications in mind.

Meanwhile, the addition of a pool can be extremely expensive and could actually deter buyers. Moreover, you will not make your money back upon the sale of the property. Prospective buyers with small children or grandchildren could be concerned about safety issues, and some buyers do not want to assume the cost and responsibility of maintaining the pool. In Annapolis these pools must be closed and winterized for most of the year, making them more work than they’re worth.

Avoid Major Renovations Unless Needed

If there is damage due to an accident, fire, or natural disaster, then doing a major renovation may be necessary. Otherwise, it is generally a waste of time and money. The cost is rarely justified and cannot be recouped on the back end. Instead, most buyers would prefer a break in the price of the property, so they can renovate it on their own terms.

Skip the Renovations and Sell For Cash

Whether you have a contract on a new home or are looking to sell your house in Annapolis, MD as-is, Dependable Homebuyers can help you figure it out and might be able to offer you more than you anticipate. For more information, contact us via the our online form or call our office anytime at (855) 741-4848. We are a local, credible “we buy houses” company who can make you a cash offer quickly.  Our home-buying process is simple, easy, and most importantly, stress-free!

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