Setting Your Home Apart for Sale in Baltimore

Usually when it is time to sell your home in Baltimore, you are not likely to be the only one. There will always be competition out there but with a little work, you can get your house sold pretty quickly. Following the tips below is a sure way to make sure your house gets noticed and beats out the competition in Baltimore, MD.

Appeal to the senses to sell your house fast

Sell your house fast by appealing to all five senses
Sell your house fast by appealing to all five senses

When potential buyers walk around a house, all five of their senses will be alert and sending messages to their brain. Their decision will be based on the combined feedback presented by their senses. Most people only focus on visual appearance when trying to impress the buyers, but it is important to remember smell, taste, touch and sound too. If you want to sell your house fast, every aspect of your home will need to be geared towards a quick sale.

What do they hear…

It is a good idea to have music playing during an open house. Be mindful of the music you choose as you do not want to be overbearing. If you are in a trendier, younger Baltimore neighborhood, you can go with something more modern and if it is an older neighborhood, choose something more classical.

What do they touch…

While buyers will not be going through the house touching everything, they will touch a few things. You want to make sure that doorknobs, handles and faucets are all clean and pleasant to touch. Also, if you have any soft throws or over-sized pillows, put those out on beds and sofas. The feel of these items mirrors the luxuries you get at a top hotel.

What do they smell…

Be careful of overpowering smells because people can be sensitive. Think of universally appealing aromas like fragrant candles and fresh cookies. Vanilla is a great scent to use in candles and incense because it is delicate and comforting.

What do they taste…

Nobody is immune to the smell of fresh cookies. If you happen to lay out a spread of cookies and other small bites, people will remember that. It may help to disguise other areas of the house you don’t want noticed, because when thy think about your place, those baked goods will come right to mind.

What do they see…

Display items that make the buyer think of home. Start by purchasing a “Welcome Home” mat for the front door.  Prime their thinking so that are in the mindset to buy. Put out photos of popular Baltimore areas and let their love of the city help sell the home.

Liven the place up

Most people expect the same old routine and atmosphere for open houses. After a few, they can start to get dull and boring. You don’t want your potential buyers to feel that way as they walk around your house. Think of it more as hosting an afternoon BBQ. Entertaining guests and serving food is a great way to make people feel at home. When you make them feel like they never want to leave, you will definitely sell your house faster.

Make Necessary Repairs

When you’re one of many houses for sale on the Baltimore market, even a minor necessary repair can cause your house to sit. Buyers expect perfection and there will also be another house in Baltimore that is completely move-in ready. If you want to sell your house fast with no repairs then listing with a real estate agent may not be the right option. On the other hand, if you’re handy then take the time to make sure that your house shows perfectly before you start advertising.

Curb appeal is what brings them in to sell your house fast

Curb appeal is critical to ensuring your house sells fast in Baltimore, MD
Curb appeal is critical to ensuring your house sells fast in Baltimore, MD
As the most important sense to please, visual appearance of the outside of the house will be critical. Even though we are always told not to judge a book by its cover, when it comes to houses we are all guilty of that. This will be the first and most lasting impression made on prospective buyers.

  • Make sure the lawn is mowed and the garden is tidied up, remove weeds
  • Paint any structures that need a touch up
  • Repair any cracks in the foundation or pathways
  • If you have a porch, make sure it is level
  • Clean all furniture and remove any rust
  • If you have any statues or structures, make sure they are clean and working
  • Fix up the fixtures; mailboxes, house numbers, doorknobs and doorbells

Nothing too personal

When you have your pictures everywhere and your clutter, people may feel as though they are intruding. This makes the home less appealing because they are unable to visualize it as their own. It is nothing personal, but you want buyers to picture this as their home, so let them.

Take down some of your stuff, but not all because it still needs to be inviting. They do not need to see all your family pictures posted on the fridge, but a few framed pictures still give a nice feel.  And most importantly, get rid of any clutter; your junk will not necessarily be another’s treasure.

But I don’t want to do all this work

Selling to a professional home buying company like Dependable Homebuyers is a great option!
Selling to a professional home buying company like Dependable Homebuyers is a great option!
Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do all this work to set your home apart. You may be at a busy point in your life or the home may require extensive  work. Whatever the case for wanting to sell your property fast, a professional home buying company is a great option. By selling to a company like Dependable Homebuyers you’ll save an enormous amount of time and effort.  Dependable Homebuyers will purchase your home “as-is” without the need for any need for repairs. Not only that, but you’ll save thousands of dollars by not having to pay a commission to a real estate agent. What do you have to lose? Give us a call at (855) 741-4848 for a quick consultation.

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