Selling a Home with Termites in Maryland

Selling a Home With Termites in Maryland
Selling a Home With Termites in Maryland

Many home owners arrange for a home inspection in anticipation of selling their home. They want to know what concerns may be identified early so that they can take remedial action and correspondingly ask a higher price for their home. One of the conditions that some homeowners in Maryland have to contend with is termite damage. Most home owners will not even be aware that they have a termite problem unless it is a serious infestation.

Termites can cause extensive damage to the structure of a home if left in place for any length of time. They can under mind floors and even support beams if left untreated. Sometimes the damage is just unsightly and can easily be treated. In extensive infestations, the structure of the home can be compromised and corrective action needs to be taken to avoid catastrophic damage to the home. Selling a home with termites in Maryland takes planning and action.

Sellers are required to disclose termite damage and any corrective action taken, including major repairs as well as hiring a pest management company to get rid of the termites. There are several steps that home owners can take to deal with termites and still sell their home for a reasonable amount.

What Steps Should be Considered when Selling a Home With Termites in Maryland

The following are some of the actions home owners can consider if they suspect they have a termite infestation. By addressing the issue early you will be able to streamline selling a home with termites in Maryland

Remove the Termites

Although some Maryland home owners will try to treat the infestation themselves, if you are selling, they may want to hire a reputable professional company to deal with the termites and provide certification of the treatment. They will examine the entire home and treat it appropriately.

Arrange for a Follow Up Inspection

Termite Damage in Maryland
Termite Damage in Maryland

A follow up inspection is also a good idea to make sure that all of the termites have been dealt with. If you have a buyer interested in your home, arrange for the buyer to choose a Maryland company to complete the inspection. This will avoid any possible consideration of a conflict of interest.

The follow up inspection company will also provide a report certifying that your home is termite free. The inspections are not expensive and will ultimately provide a high return in terms of a higher selling price for your Maryland house.

Preventative Action in Maryland

Termite Treatment in Maryland
Termite Treatment in Maryland

Regular termite treatment in Maryland will help avoid future infestations. Application of a screen mesh in all areas that may be entry points for termites will also help. Repair all holes and cracks to avoid termites and other insects that might enter your home. Selling a home with termite damage in Maryland can be difficult and taking preventative action can save you money in the long run.

Purchase a Termite Warranty

Ultimately buyers want to feel that the termite problem has been dealt with and it will not become an issue for them. Purchasing a termite warranty from the extermination company that will guarantee that termites will not be a problem in the future will go a long way to making your buyer much more comfortable.

Always Follow Full Disclosure According to Maryland Law

While it is a legal requirement to disclose termite problems in your home to potential buyers, full disclosure of the problem and the corrective action the seller has taken is always the best approach. Keep copies of all inspections, treatment documentation, repairs if needed and warranties if applicable. Be prepared to show prospective interested buyers all of this documentation to set the buyers mind at ease.

Sellers can also avoid later disagreements by asking buyers to sign a document that states that all of this information was shared in advanced. This approach avoids later issues and potential lawsuits if the buyer felt that they were not properly informed.

Sell Your Home As Is in Maryland

Sometimes the amount of damage is so extensive that major restorative action needs to be taken and the cost and the time to complete the work is prohibitive. Home owners may not be able to afford the repairs or have the time needed to make these repairs. Sellers in Maryland have another option.

They may be able to sell their home as-is to investors, home buying companies etc. These companies are prepared to buy your home immediately as is for a below market price. They will take on the task of dealing with the termite damage and making the repairs. You get paid quickly and you avoid all of the headaches of dealing with these issues yourself.

Dependable Homebuyers Will Buy Your Maryland House With Termites!

Selling a Home with Termites in Maryland
Selling a Home with Termites in Maryland

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