Restore The Beauty of Your Homes With These Home Repair Tips

When you sell your home, it adds up to its value its current condition, both the exterior and the interior. Basically, the less the trouble or the problems, the more it adds up to its price. Regular house check-up helps in finding areas in your home the requires basic to advance repairs and fixing. Especially for new homeowners who just recently bought a house, finding the right spot to do repair works is a daunting task. You don’t have to worry one bit for there are lots of experts you can ask about this dilemma and preserve the beauty of your homes.

Leanne Potts has compiled a series of advice for new homeowners on spotting house problems in her article at HouseLogic. Her advice is among the most practical you can find and easy to follow. Refer below for the advice:

Spot the 9 Problems With This House (Advice for New Homeowners)

You’ve closed on your first home. You got your keys. You got your rose-colored glasses. When you’re a new homeowner, excitement, optimism, and simply not-knowing-what you-don’t-know can make you look right past big problems in plain sight.

Discover some advice for new homeowners with this illustration of a home that has nine maintenance problems. Can you spot all nine?

Find out if you’re right. Here are the answers:

#1 Tree Limbs Leaning Over the House

Image Source: Houselogic

Yes, trees are lovely and shady, and they keep your house out of the sun. But they can also break off in a storm and fall on your house faster than you can say, “Hello, insurance company, there’s a hole in my roof!”Those limbs can be a highway into your home for pests like raccoons and squirrels who might end up nesting in your attic or gnawing electrical wires. So keep limbs trimmed at least six feet above the house.

#2 Overgrown Grass

Holy moly, who knew grass grows so quickly?! But putting off mowing because you can’t find the time or don’t have a mower yet can come back to bite you.

Long grass makes a great hiding place for rodents, who will hang there until they get a chance to scurry into your house. When the lawn mower’s away, the mice will play — and you risk a city fine for overgrowth. Avoid the risk, and just whack that grass.

#3 Flaking Paint

Paint on your home’s wood or stucco siding is the deflector shield of your house. If it’s flaking, there are holes in your shield, and that’s a problem. It lets in moisture that can rot the bones of your home. A little water turns into big trouble, fast. The more water that seeps in through those cracks, the bigger the cracks get, letting in even more water.

So paint. Pronto.

#4 Wood Pile Near the House

You’ve got your entire winter supply of firewood stacked right up against the house, so you’ll never have to schlep wood in single-digit temps again. But. That woodpile can be a cozy winter home to a who’s who of unwelcome critters like mice, termites, and cockroaches.

Firewood storage outside should be at least 20 feet from your house. You can still keep a few logs near the door — just enough for a night or two. That way, your firewood stays handy, and the creepy crawlies don’t have time to move in.

#5 Parking on the Grass

You’re house-proud, so you have your friends over all the time. But if you let them park on the lawn (your house, your rules, right?), the vehicles will sink into the yard, compact the soil, and crush the grass.

Crushed grass becomes dead grass; weeds sprout in the dead spots; and soon your dying, weedy, tire-rutted yard starts chipping away at your house pride (and your home value).

If you need more parking,
Create a gravel parking pad that be returned to grass after you sell, or when those driverless cars become real. expand your driveway. That’s better for curb appeal than a dead lawn.

#6 Moss on the Roof or Siding

Yes, it’s pretty and gives your house an enchanted-cottage look, but it will inflict damage to your home that will cost a small fortune to repair. Moss stores rainwater, causing mold to grow on the roof where it will seep into the wood beneath the shingles, into the attic, and then on indoor walls. Mold in your house = an allergy nightmare.

All that moisture will rot your roof, too. Same with mossy siding: water damage and mold await. Scrape that moss off as soon as you see it.

To prevent it from coming back, put zinc or copper flashing at the roof’s peak. Rain dissolves a bit of the metal every time it falls, and it kills moss when it washes over the roof. To get moss off siding, use a power washer.  Read the rest of the advice here…

Those are some house spots that despite being obvious areas, still often neglected by many. Start fixing the abovementioned tips. Remember that a house that’s in a very good pristine condition sells fast and at the right price. After checking house interiors and exteriors, next comes the roofing. Check that roofing and gutters don’t have leaks that will cause further damage to your house. If you don’t have skills and the tools to completely and thoroughly check the roof, hire a professional that gets the job of roofing repairs for you. Renovation Find has enumerated the reasons why you need to hire a roofing contractor as part of your home repair project.

Why Hire a Roofing Contractor?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

You need to replace your roof. Should you attempt to do it yourself or hire a professional roofing contractor? It is a big job and it might be a little more than you’re up for. There are many reasons why installing a new roof is a job best left for professional roofers like Roof-Ex in Edmonton. Here are a few:

They have the experience and expertise.

Professional roofers deal with roofs and roof-related problems on a daily basis. They know that your roofing system depends on more than just shingles, but also includes your soffits, fascias, eavestroughs and ventilation. If they discover unforeseen damage on your roof or an unexpected issue arises, they will have the knowledge and experience to deal with it quickly and correctly. No amount of internet research or YouTube videos can amount to the expertise a licensed roofing contractor will bring.

The pros at Roof-Ex know exactly how much material will be needed for the project. If you do this on your own you could overestimate or underestimate how much material you need. That could result in spending way more than you actually needed to or a lot of time spent running back to the hardware store.

If you do not install your shingles or repair damage properly, you will have to call someone in to fix the job as well as any other damage your mistake could have caused your home. That will cost you more money. It’s better to have it done right by a professional the first time. Read more benefits of hiring a roofing contractor.

Roofing can be risky.

Falling off of your roof can result in serious injury. To remain focused on safety, you must be confident in knowing how to do the task, otherwise you’ll be distracted. Being distracted from safety while on a roof is dangerous. Roofers spend a lot of time on high, slanted surfaces and are experienced in safety precautions and procedures. Not only do they have the knowledge to do the job right and the experience to do it safely, they also come armed with the appropriate tools and safety equipment to reduce the risk of an accident.

Roof-Ex has proper insurance. This means that if there is any property damage or an accident that causes injury, you as the homeowner are not responsible. That is why it is always important to ask to see a contractor’s insurance, in order to ensure that you are not liable for any accidents on the job-site.
It will save you a lot of time.

For someone who is learning-as-they go, roofing can be a complicated and time consuming job. Even minor mistakes can take a long time to repair. If you make a major mistake you’ll have to call in a roofing contractor to fix it and that could end up costing your more in the end. If you hire a pro roofer to begin with and there is a mistake, they will have a warranty on their work and products and will come rectify the issue for you. Professional roofers can do the job in far less time than it would take a do-it-yourself and they’ll do it properly. Read the entire post here…

Regular roof maintenance check-up is crucial to prevent any forms of leakage that could affect the home interiors as well. Roof, home interiors and exteriors are of equal importance when it comes to home repairs. In case you don’t know the importance of home maintenance, Ray White has published an article about the importance of home maintenance:

The Importance of Home Maintenance

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whether you intend to sell your home or stay for many years, it is important to carry out regular maintenance and repairs.

Staying on top of things with minor fixes will help you to avoid big problems later down the line.

Major features like plumbing and heating should be monitored and serviced on a regular basis. Not only are they necessary for comfortable living, they can also be very expensive to replace.

If on the other hand the features are ageing and inefficient, it may be worth a replacement to save on monthly bills in the long term.

It is also necessary to evaluate your roof once every so often – as the roof protects every other investment you have made in your home, it is vital to keep it in working order.

Water can be detrimental under certain circumstances. This is another instance where it is very important to stay on top of little annoyances that can become expensive disasters.

Not only will regular upkeep maintain the comfort and look of your home, it will help you to maximise its value if you decide to sell.

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There you have it, frequent and regular home repairs and maintenance is crucial in identifying early problems and fixing them right away to prevent it from getting worse and causing other home problems. Also the most important thing, well-maintained homes allow you to maximize its value when you decide to sell it. Just in case you’ve done your routine repairs and maintenance and decided to sell your home, Dependable Homebuyers will help you sell your house fast to the right buyer. Visit and we’re glad to help you.

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