Are We Buy Houses Companies in Maryland Reputable?

There are legitimate We Buy Houses companies in Maryland
There are legitimate We Buy Houses companies in Maryland

If you have seen the signs around Maryland for companies advertising that they buy houses for cash, you may be wondering if they are legit and if this is something that might help you sell your home. The truth is that many are reputable Maryland home buying companies, like Dependable Homebuyers, but like any business area, some are not. Consumers can protect themselves by being prepared and ready to ask detailed questions to sort out the good guys from those that are trying to scam consumers.

It is important that you educate yourself on We Buy Houses companies in area. Check out their website, look up their social media accounts, and read any reviews that are posted about the company. As you learn more about a company it will become clear how they treat their clients and whether or not they are truly legitimate or one of the fraudulent companies operating in Maryland.

Examples of What Legitimate Home Buying Companies in Maryland Are Doing

If you are considering selling your home to a home buying company in Maryland, ask them to provide examples of how they are helping consumers in the area they purchase homes. Some of the areas that might be considered are:

  • Providing fast access to cash – to meet family emergencies such as health issues, relocation and other urgent situations that require a home to be sold.
  • Get rid of a hard to sell property – that home buyers have passed on because of maintenance and / or repair issues, which can add months to the sale of your home.
  • Creation of Jobs – repairs and upgrades to a home generate many jobs in the plumbing, carpentry, electrical, roofing trades and many more.
  • Improving Maryland neighborhoods – by purchasing a home in need of repairs and upgrades and improving the home to match local market homes for sale in the area.
  • Property taxes increase – when ever a home is sold after it has been improved. Homes sell for higher prices and this generates higher assessments for tax purposes contributing to local city and county budgets.

Some of these positive contributions may appeal to you more than others. Either way this is what legitimate home buying companies in Maryland contribute to the local economy and to you personally. Now that your equipped with this information, home sellers can have an informed discussion with home buying companies to determine if they are on the up an up or not.

Questions to Ask Home Buying Companies in Maryland

Ask the We Buy Houses company questions to determine if they are credible
Ask the We Buy Houses company questions to determine if they are credible

There are a few questions that consumers who are planning to sell their homes to home buying companies can ask to help them decide if these companies are on the up and up. The important thing is that they offer a guaranteed way to sell your house fast. You may want to ask these questions and do not be afraid to probe a little deeper if you are not satisfied with the answers. Look for specific details rather than general answers.

  • How dos your company help their clients? – ask them to provide examples?
  • What specific things do you do for home sellers? – and which ones will be of most interest to your situation?
  • What services do you provide? – are there services that you might need that are provided or could be provided to help close the deal?
  • What makes you most proud about the business and services you provide? – talk is cheap, ask for references and examples of what they have achieved?
  • What is your investment strategy? – do they have a strategy or an investment philosophy? How long have they been in business and how many homes have they purchased or sold?
  • What assurances can you provide that you will close the deal on my house when you say you will? – can they provide any guarantees that the deal will close when they it will?

Tell Tale Signs to Help You Avoid Scams and Bad Deals in Maryland

Pressure Sales – any time someone pressures you to make a deal, your antennae should go up and you really should look at why are they trying to close so quickly. It may be to your advantage to close quickly, but consumers should always step back and examine what is motivating the buyer. Many buyers will make an offer that is good for up to a week to provide time for the seller to evaluate the offer and make a decision regarding how they want to proceed. Short time frame offers of less than 24 hours puts a lot of pressure on the seller and may be an indicator of an offer that is lower than you might receive from a more reputable home buyer. Most buyers can adapt to a seller’s schedule within reason of course. Buyers are looking for homes all of the time and the cash they reserve for one purchase may disappear quickly to be used on another deal.

Closing an Offer Over the Kitchen Table – while it may seem convenient to do everything over the kitchen table, professional home buyers will arrange to close the deal at an attorney’s office or a title company. They will ensure that everything is properly and legally completed. A neutral third party although it may cost a few dollars more and mean you must travel to their office; the potential benefits far outweigh any inconvenience.

If you’re looking to sell your Maryland house quickly to a legitimate We Buy Houses company then give Dependable Homebuyers a call at (855) 741-4848. We have been in the business of buying real estate since 2012 and have some of the best reviews in the industry. Don’t spend any more time with a house you don’t want and give us a call today!

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