Practical Ways To Stage A House Before Selling

You can find lots of house for sale in different listing sites as well as in foreclosed properties. However, while the majority of these houses are priced at a discount, its overall condition might not be ideal and requires both minor and major home repair that incur additional costs. House flippers often find houses that only need minor repairs for reasons they don’t have much time to do heavy repairs, as well as they, need to sell house fast.

However, staging a house before selling does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. If your looking to sell your house fast, but your house needs quick staging, here are some budget tips in house staging and repairs written by Margaret Heidenry in

Staging a House on a Budget: 11 Ideas That’ll Wow Buyers

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Curious about staging a house on a budget? It’s a classic conundrum that many sellers face: Staging a home increases its value on the open market, but the whole process can be expensive. You have to shell out to hire a stager and rent furniture and art. If professional staging isn’t in your budget, never fear—it’s entirely possible to do a little DIY staging that won’t break the bank.

Here are some budget-friendly tips and tricks from stagers and Realtors® that will make over your home for next to nothing—or even for free!
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A no-cost—and no-brainer—way to get your home looking good and ready to sell? “Get your Realtor involved,” says Realtor Bill Golden with Re/Max Metro Atlanta Cityside, who has 29 years of experience.

Golden’s basic advice: If a home is vacant, furnish only the main rooms: living, dining, and family. “Otherwise, people have trouble picturing how it can be set up.”

Skip bedrooms, which are generally straightforward, according to layout. Add furniture only if bedrooms are unusually small or oddly shaped, to help define how the space can be used. Finally, clearly define any transitional space with straightforward furniture that demonstrates the space’s function.

Don’t rent a storage unit

Experienced sellers all know the absolute cheapest way to spruce up a home for sale is the critical de-cluttering stage—”the most typical problem” of homeowners, as one staging pro puts it. Still, storage units can be expensive, as can the U-Haul you need to rent to slog your stuff there. So consider some cheaper alternatives. Learn more here…

Before selling a home, it is much better to do some staging before listing it to various sites. However, the renovations should not be that expensive as it should be less than the appreciated value of the house with the repairs.

If you’re on the other side of the transaction or the one buying the home, you should also know at least how to do the staging by yourself. Also as mentioned, the staging should not be very expensive. LearnVest contributed an awesome article in the simple yet very effective home staging ideas under $40. Read the article below to learn more.

6 Simple Yet Effective Home Staging Ideas Under $40

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You don’t have to be an avid HGTV viewer to recognize the value in sprucing up your home before putting it on the market. In fact, a Coldwell Banker survey found that staged homes—those deliberately decorated with an eye toward enticing buyers—tend to sell in half the time that non-staged properties do.

Bearing a few key tips in mind, DIYers can primp and polish their homes into prime selling shape themselves—at a price that won’t break the budget. Ready to give it a go? Melissa Barronton, the owner of Atlanta-based fynHome Staging & Redesign and a professional redesigner who specializes in sprucing up homes for sale, shares six, simple home staging ideas—each clocking in at under $40.

Home Staging Hack #1: Roll Out a Welcome Mat “First impressions are everything when selling your home,” Barronton says. Plus, prospective buyers usually linger by the front door before the real estate agent opens a home for viewing—so an enticing entrance is key. The best bang for your staging buck? A new welcome mat, which can cost as little as $15. “A fresh, modern mat—selected in the style of your home—convinces the buyer to see more,” Barronton says. A little bit of green by the front door also goes a long way. “I recommend adding fresh plants to an entry area, which will signal to the buyer that the home is well cared for,” she says.

Home Staging Hack #2: Mount Mirrors in Strategic Spots Even the most handsome of homes have one: that dim hallway or small space where natural light goes to die. Your spruce-up solution: Hang a few mirrors. “They add extra light to rooms that look dark, and make rooms appear spacious,” explains Barronton. Bonus tip: Mirrors pack extra punch when placed next to—or directly across from—a window, since they’ll pull in more sun. Click here to read the rest of this post…

House stages should not be that expensive. You can do a lot for just a minimal cost on your part. One good advice is to focus on the most important parts of the house. Also for home buyers, buying a damaged house is much cheaper than those who have already gone various repairs. Doing staging yourself is way cheaper than hiring others to do it for you.

Lastly, for real estate investors, house staging is also an important decision they must make. For house flippers where they need to decide whether to do repair or sell the house as is, there are actually options to do budget house staging, earning an additional profit by selling it high. Diana Eastman published an article in Lending Home how to do house staging on a budget.

The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Staging a House on a Budget

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Implementing these budget-friendly strategies into your marketing plan will help make your home look its best without breaking the bank.

If you’ve finally decided that house flipping is the investment strategy for you and have put your house flipping business plan together, it is time for the fun to begin! After calculating the potential ROI based on a budget, you will have a solid idea of how much money you have to work with to stage your home to sell fast. Sticking to a budget is a skill that requires patience and research, but implementing these budget-friendly strategies into your marketing plan will help make your home look its best without breaking the bank.

The importance of staging your home for sale

It’s been consistently proven over and over that staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes that are not staged. So is staging your home worth it? The ROI of staging depends on multiple factors including the type and value of the property, who the likely prospective buyers are, your budget, and more. Once you’ve decided whether your home needs to be staged, and whether you’ll do it yourself or hire a professional staging company, here are a few tips to stay on budget:

Clean and declutter

First, before any creative staging come into play, the property must be deep cleaned and de-cluttered. Some people hire a one-time cleaner to come in and scrub the whole property down, but you can save money by doing it yourself. Even the most beautifully staged homes will fall short if the basics like dusting and cleaning the windows have been missed.

A little paint makes a big difference

It’s no DIY secret that paint can do wonders to brighten up a room. Don’t feel obligated to add color to every room. Instead, keep rooms neutral and add a pop of color to some of them.A quart of paint can cost less than $20 and is enough to brighten up a bay window or accent wall. A dramatic color on the front door is another way to boost curb appeal and make your home feel welcoming. See full post here…

House staging or house renovation is among the most important and must be a quick decision to make for sellers, buyers, and real estate investors alike. It has its pros and cons, it is your job do weigh everything before making the most important decision in the real estate market.

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