Learn The Best And Most Practical Ways To Make More Money Before Selling Your Home

Regardless of the reason for selling a home, we can all agree or have the consensus that the end goal of selling a home is to make money. Whether we need it for emergency expenses, pay off debts, start a business, etc. we badly need the money that we resorted into selling a house fast.

Learn The Best And Most Practical Ways To Make More Money Before Selling Your Home

There are actually lots of ways to make more money in selling your homes, and knowing some (even all of them) helps a lot in increasing your home’s value before finding a buyer. Starting with home improvements and renovations, repair parts of the house that need fixing is crucial and buyers often check these house areas before sealing the deal. Learn from the real estate agents for they have the first-hand experience as to what sells and what’s not. Melina Glusac of Insider published an article about the easy tricks to make more money when selling your home according to some of the real estate agents.

7 Easy Tricks To Make More Money When Selling Your Home According To Real Estate Agents

When it comes time to sell a home, apartment, or property, everyone’s mind is pretty much set on the same goal: making as much money as possible. And there are simple steps that sellers can take to ensure they get the most out of their sale.

INSIDER talked to four different real estate agents based in New York to get their tips and tricks for selling your home, and getting the most bang for your buck while you’re at it. Here’s what they said.

1. Spruce up your home’s interior design. Buyers will be more attracted to the property.

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“When someone is going to put their property on the market, you want to make sure that particular property has the best visuals when someone walks in, because people usually buy with their eyes,” Anderson Toney, a real estate broker at Compass, told INSIDER.

” Staging” is a temporary solution for those who don’t want to completely revamp their home’s interior, yet still make their property look appealing to buyers.

2. You might want to put your home up for sale in the spring or summer, as prices go up due to heightened competition.

If your impending move isn’t pressed for time, it might be worth it to wait until springtime to put your house on the market, so you can price it at peak value.

“In our business, typically there’s a season frenzy for property in the spring and in the summer because that’s when people really want to move,” Toney said.

David Soltero, a realtor with Brick & Mortar LLC, also believes timing is important.

“Timing and location certainly play a role with profit,” Soltero told INSIDER. “Certain factors, like MD and interest rates, impact buyers and sellers alike. Same goes for inventory … the market has just been saturated with new developments which is causing supply to outweigh the demand.” See full post here…

Real estate agents are usually hired by people who don’t have any idea how to sell your home. They’re the ones dealing with home buyers, so they basically know what the buyers look into a house before buying it. Definitely, they knew that doing home repairs, improvement, and renovation increase home value and will help in selling your house fast.

Here’s another unique tip was written by Alcynna Lloyd in her published at Housing Wire. It says that you can actually make more money selling your home by not moving out. Read the article below to know more about these tips.

Want To Make More Money Selling Your Home? Don’t Move Out

Vacant homes sell for $11,306 less than comparable occupied homes

Image Source: Housing Wire

America’s vacant homes are not only selling for less money, but they are also spending more time on the market, according to a recent analysis from Redfin.

The average vacant home sells for $11,306 less and spends six more days on the market than comparable occupied homes, revealed the analysis, which compared the sale prices and time spent on the market of home listings marked as vacant with those marked non-vacant.

According to the report’s findings, less than 3% of homes included in the analysis started out occupied and became vacant while on the market.

“Although vacant homes are easy for buyers to tour at their convenience, the fact that the sellers have already moved on is often a signal to buyers that they can take their time making an offer,” Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather said. “It’s also likely that sellers who are in a comfortable enough financial situation to own a property that’s sitting empty aren’t as motivated to get the highest possible price for their home as sellers who need the cash from their first home in order to buy the next one.”

Although Redfin determined that vacant homes sell for less money in every housing market included in its analysis, the company revealed the amount varies by location. Learn more here…

This is actually a unique way of making more money in selling your home. The key here is when deciding to sell your house, it’s a good decision not to move out to the home you are selling for vacant homes are priced less than occupied homes. While vacant homes are easy for buyers to inspect the house, to them it could also mean that buyers could take their time making an offer, which put the seller at a disadvantage. So not moving out after putting the house on for sale listings.

The bottom line here is that you need to make money out of home selling, and Joe Gomez wrote an article on how to sell your house for the most money.

How To Sell Your House For The Most Money

Image Courtesy of Opendoor

To sell your home for the most money, it’s best to understand local trends in your market, the total cost of selling a home, and the best method of selling to meet your goals. The highest offer won’t always leave you with the most money, and you won’t always recoup the costs of major renovations.

In the past, we’ve covered the factors that influence the value of your home like location, repairs, and the economy. Here are 6 things you should consider to sell your house for the most money:

1. Understand your local market

When there’s more homes for sale than there are buyers, it usually brings prices down as sellers compete for fewer buyers. We often call this a buyers’ market. On the other hand, when there’s more buyers than there are homes for sale, it tends to drive prices up as buyers compete for fewer homes. We call this a sellers’ market.

A good way to gauge whether you’re in a buyers’ or sellers’ market is to look at the average Days on Market for similar homes in your area. DOM is a real estate statistic that shows how long homes are actively listed on the market. If similar homes to yours are selling faster than the average DOM for your area, then it can suggest strong demand.

2. Choose the right time to sell

Home sales ebb and flow with the seasons. Spring typically brings the most buyers because many people want to move during the warmer months when the kids are out of school. While seasonal trends vary by market, they aren’t the only factor to consider when thinking about “the right time to sell”.

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Selling a home also requires timing. There is a right time to sell your house where you can make money without lowering the price too much. In addition, follow the current market trends, the recent home prices, supply, and demand, etc. for these will dictate how the home prices will be. Knowing these things helps a lot in selling your home.

There are basically lots of tips in this article to make money in selling your house. However, if none of them makes you convinced that you can do the selling alone, Dependable Homebuyers can help you sell your house fast, find the right buyer and seal the deal for you. To know more about our services, visit us at https://www.dependablehomebuyers.com and we look forward to working with you.

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