Home Interior Makeover Tips For Your Simple Home

A simple home can become extremely beautiful and elegant looking if the right designs are implemented, especially in the home interiors. This is very true, you can apply your dream home designs using the best architectural interior designs available. You may also hire the services of an expert architect and interior decorators to help you in your interior renovations, transforming your simple house into your dream house. However, if you’re on a tight budget, there are actually lots of do-it-yourself home makeover that is also stunning, but inexpensive.

Easy Home Improvement Blog wrote an interesting article about giving the inside of your home a makeover. Read the article below to learn more.

Giving The Inside Of Your Home A Makeover

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If you have not decorated or updated the interior of your home in a while, it can start to look tired and dreary after a while. There are many things that you can go to counter this, and below are some ideas that will help you turn your home into a vibrant and inviting place once more.

Add Some New Furniture

One of the easiest ways that you can transform your home is the addition of new furniture. You do not have to do your entire home all in one go and can update the furniture one room at a time, which will also mean you do not have to break the bank. You may wish to choose some Art Deco bedroom furniture for one of the bedrooms or go with something more modern and contemporary. Changing the furniture in your home is one of the least disruptive ways that you can transform it with as little hassle as possible.

Decorate Your Home

Another way that you can transform the inside of your home is to decorate either with wallpaper or paint and breathe new life into the rooms. If you are not going to change the furniture, you will need to choose a colour scheme that is going to match the furniture and the flooring. You can do this one room at a time and ensure there is not too much disruption. You can choose to decorate your home yourself, although if you are not very good at decorating and DIY, you can also choose to employ the services of a professional who will be able to do the job very quickly. The price for this can vary, so it will all come down to the budget that you have available.

Change The Flooring

You can also change the flooring in your home which is another way to give it a new lease of life and improve the aesthetics of the interior of your house. There are many different options available to you as you can choose from a wide variety of different carpeting, as well as other materials such as vinyl flooring, or you can also decide to install wooden floors. The best choice is going to be determined by your taste, budget, and the state of the floor underneath. If your floors are uneven, then wooden flooring may not be the best option. Again, if you have the skills and time, this is something that you can do yourself. Alternatively, you can employ the services of a professional flooring company and have them transform your home in no time at all.

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The abovementioned suggestions are cost-effective, practical and very easy to follow. In fact, anyone interested in a do-it-yourself home interior makeover can do easily do them. With these tips, you can do whatever ideas you want to put in your newly renovated home insides. However, if you aren’t convinced with the advice above and want to learn straight from the expert’s mouth, then this article by Architecture Art Design could be of great help.

5 Expert Tips for Your Home Interior Makeover

Image Source: Architecture Art Design

If you’re tired of the same drab surroundings in your home year after year, it may be time for a home makeover. The costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful, so it’s important to do the necessary research before you start to tear your home apart and watch the bills go through the roof. Before you start getting all your ideas ready on a Pinterest board, take a look at these five tips from home interior design experts.

Set Up A Color Scheme for Your Rooms

To give an old space a fresh, new feeling, you need to create a color palette that brings the room together in an entirely different direction. Most interior design experts come up with a color palette for the whole house that varies from room to room. Think about the types of colors you enjoy and the purpose of each room when establishing your color palette. Understanding the natural human reaction to different colors should help you pick a color palette for each room. Blues and grays tend to be relaxing cool colors for bedrooms, while warmer oranges and red hues can be suitable for living spaces and kitchens.

Give Your Room Height

If you have a room that you feel has an unnecessarily low ceiling, you might be able to design the illusion of height with a few simple tricks. Create horizontal stripes across the ceiling using thin boards that can be painted to match the room’s palette. Consider keeping all furniture low in height to help create the illusion of more vertical space in the room. Your guests will hardly notice the change in height if all furniture matches it. Finally, consider a large mirror for one wall as mirrors tend to add scale to the room through illusion.

Backsplash Centerpiece

The kitchen backsplash is one of the best ways to add definition to a room in your home that will be used every single day. Eye-catching tile designs can become a conversation piece for guests in your home. A great backsplash should cover as much of the wall as the budget allows.

Add Texture to Rooms

Changing the look of a room involves more than just transforming it via a paint job. Many home interior experts agree that adding texture to a room is vital for the transformation. Using a variety of materials can accomplish the job well. Another tip is to consider combining matte and glossy sheens to achieve a textured-looking effect.

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Experts advice emphasizes the choice of interior color scheme. This is very important for consistency of colors inside your home plays a huge role in its overall beauty. Apart from the room interiors, the rooms should also be taken into consideration in doing a home makeover.

Another dilemma for a home redesign is the overall space. Small spaces are difficult to transform. But there are certain rules for homes with small spaces, as written by Victoria Harrison in Houzz. Learn how to manage spaces below.

7 Rules to Designing a Small Space

Compact rooms can be super-stylish if they’re carefully planned. Try these tricks to make the most of your petite space

Small spaces demand careful thought and clever ideas, but they can also be incredibly rewarding if you get the design right. Follow these rules to make the most of your mini room.

Image Source: Houzz

Have one showstopper piece
In a small space, each design decision needs to be carefully considered. But a tiny pad also offers you the opportunity to make a statement, as colour, texture and pattern will all shine if the rest of the room is kept neutral and neat.

In this little flat, the owners decided to make a splash with a beautiful blue chair and printed curtains, that are the ‘showstopper’ elements of the open-plan dining-cum-kitchen space.

Think bespoke
Off-the-peg pieces don’t always work in small rooms, where every inch of space needs to be considered carefully. This is where bespoke solutions, such as cabinetry, really come into their own.

This sloping ceiling, for example, means a regular wall cabinet wouldn’t work. Instead, a smart, angled cupboard, which also serves as the bathroom mirror, has been designed to fill every inch of the space, and is a design feature in its own right.

Don’t be afraid of the dark
When faced with a small room, the instinctive response can be to paint it in a pale colour to boost the feeling of space. But in a tiny area, it can actually pay to try the opposite technique and paint it dark, to make a virtue of the small size and create a snug bolthole.

This little living room corner, for instance, feels warm and intimate thanks to the rich, enveloping colour of the walls, curtains and furnishings, and shows how being bold can be really effective.

It’s sometimes easier to be brave with colour in a small space, too, as it can feel like less of a commitment to experiment with paint on a small wall area than to cover a large room. Click here to read the rest of this post…

It is always a challenge to redesign or makeover a home with small spaces due to lots of constraints. Especially if you don’t have the skills in home interiors, it is a daunting task. The bottom line here is that big or small spaces, you need to remodel, redesign or apply home makeover for your homes, especially when there’s a need for you to sell your house in the future. A listed home in pristine condition with almost to no damage appreciates its value in the market.

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