Catching Up

Most of us run on credits and that’s why we have our credit scores. Well, living with credits is good as long as you are responsible and wise enough to find ways to pay them on time. Getting a house through mortgage is something the same with purchasing using a credit card, only to a … Continued

Oh No, Not Today!

Getting a house is always among the best achievements of a lifetime but along with life are some unforeseen challenges that could sometimes threat or even wipe out these achievements. Among them are definitely foreclosure notices. Yes, a piece of paper that could, at most times, break your heart and being. But foreclosure is not … Continued

The Maryland Foreclosure Process Explained

The Maryland foreclosure process begins when the owner of a house stops making mortgage payments to their lender. In Maryland this status of non-payment is referred to as being “in default.” Every state handles foreclosures differently and in Maryland we use a quasi-judicial process. This means that your lender does not need to go to … Continued

Military Foreclosure Assistance in Maryland

Are you an active duty servicemember with a property in Maryland? Are you behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure? The good news is that there is a powerful federal law that can help provide military foreclosure assistance in Maryland. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, or SCRA, is eligible … Continued