How To Finance House Flipping Loans?

House flipping works by buying a house at a discount then selling it later on for a profit. House flippers typically do some minor renovations to restore the house, increase appreciation value, and turning it to profit. Flippers need to minimize the repair cost to fully maximize the profit potential of the property being flipped. … Continued

Driving The Home Improvement Market: Older Homeowners and Millennial

Unlike the real estate market where it suffered a major decline over the past months and years, it is a different story when it comes to house improvement. The home improvement market is booming despite the housing market underperforming. A lot of homeowners resort to do-it-yourself home renovations and improvements because to them, a bit … Continued

Affordable Home Repair Tips Before Selling Your Property

There are life instances that ended in a decision of selling your property, specifically your house. Whether you decide to sell it for you need money, planning to move into another house or doing it for business (house flipping), there are several things to take into consideration before even putting your property in various listing … Continued

How To Efficiently Do Home Rehab and Flipping?

House flipping is a common real estate investing type that involves buying a property such as a house, then selling it again for profit. It is actually a highly profitable investment, but with a higher risk. In fact, a lot of investors lose money from house flipping due to wrong decisions such as selling the … Continued

House Flipping Secrets: Finding The Right House To Flip

Flipping houses is among the most popular types of real estate investing for the short term. It is a high-risk high reward type of investment in which the investor or house flipper often the one doing the flipping himself. It is very important to remember though that there are basically lots of decisions to make … Continued

Maintaining the Value

As a homeowner,  no one could tell you what to do, really, with your house. You could either make use of your place until it rots and give it up or enjoy every every moment as years pass by, keeping it pristine and neat, as you had it when you first got the property.  No … Continued

Repair Should Not Be Bitter

Your house, just like any other commodities or things, wears out over time. As such, it also needs maintenance. There are lots of services and businesses around that offer property maintenance and repairs but that could mean an addition to our long list of monthly bills. Maintenance and repair don’t really require someone else to … Continued

Sell a Home As-Is in Maryland

Sometimes a Maryland homeowner will have neglected a home without really realizing it. Many items in the home may be dated and showing normal wear and tear. Unless something is done, the home will not show well and will not command a price that is comparable to other homes in the area on the market. … Continued

Selling a Home with Termites in Maryland

Many home owners arrange for a home inspection in anticipation of selling their home. They want to know what concerns may be identified early so that they can take remedial action and correspondingly ask a higher price for their home. One of the conditions that some homeowners in Maryland have to contend with is termite … Continued