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We Buy Houses in Memphis TN! Call us for a CASH Offer Today! (855) 741-4848
We Buy Houses in Memphis TN! Call us for a CASH Offer Today! (855) 741-4848

Anyone who has ever been through the process of selling a house knows what an absolute pain it can be! You have to go through the trouble of finding a reliable realtor who is motivated to sell your house as quickly as possible. Chances are, you will need to do some costly repairs to get your house ready to place on the market. Then, the realtor is going to suggest that you clear as much clutter and extra stuff out as you possibly can. It is necessary to keep your house clean and organized for the many showings that will occur at random times. You will receive a few offers, some may back out. Once you decide to accept an offer, you are looking at a minimum of 30 days before your closing will be set up. To top it off, there is not telling how long your house will sit on the market before you have a solid offer.
All of this results in headaches, frustration, and disappointment. It really is a roller coaster ride of emotions!
Dependable Homebuyers in Memphis, Tennessee can help you avoid all of this frustration. We will make you a cash offer on your house within 24 hours. Should you decide to accept our offer, we will close within 7 days and have the cash in your hand that you deserve for your house.

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Did you buy a fixer upper only to realize that you were in over your head? Repairs can be quite costly and without a doubt time consuming. We have had many clients that realized they bit off more than they could chew and needed to get out from under their house as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we buy any houses in any condition. We will take on the expense and responsibility of making the needed repairs so you won’t have to.

CASH Offer within 24 Hours! Call Today! (855) 741-4848

Do you want to sell your home in Memphis, Tennessee in as little as 7 days? It seems too good to be true, right? We can assure you that it is not! At Dependable Homebuyers, we are in the business of buying houses in any condition and completing the entire process within 7 days.
We can assure you that you will not ever be able to do that with a traditional real estate agent. It is not only impossible but very unrealistic as well.

Dependable Homebuyers is a company that is known all over the country. We have built a reputation of being professional homebuyers who strive to work quickly for you so you can have cash in your hand for your house.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time!
Give us a call at (855) 741-4848 today.

We are NOT Ordinary Homebuyers nor Realtors

We are not affiliated with any real estate agents or brokers. We are simply professional homebuyers. You will not be forced to deal with any banks or third parties at any time while working with us.

Here at Dependable Homebuyers, we realize that the housing market in Memphis, Tennessee is brutal at times. We have seen houses sit on the market for over a year before a solid offer was ever made. That is not something that you will have to worry about with us. We will make you a reasonable cash offer within 24 hours!

Sell your House in Memphis TN in Seven Days

We Buy ALL Types of Houses!
We Buy ALL Types of Houses!

From your first point of contact, we will take some basic information from you. At that point we will set up an appointment to come out and take a look at your house. Don’t worry, we do not care what condition it is in, we still want to make you an offer on it. We will contact you within 24 hours with the offer that we have prepared for you. You are not under any obligation to accept our offer. We will not rush you to make a decision either. We want you to take your time and make sure that the decision you make is right for you and your situation. When you contact us to tell us you have accepted our offer, we will get busy and have closing set up for you within 7 days!

It really is that simple. There are not any hidden gimmicks or extra hoops to jump through. Our offer is 100% risk free and there are not any hidden fees that you have to worry about.

Why Pay Realtors when you can Sell your House to Dependable Homebuyers

Don't wait, Call Us Today! (855) 741*4848
Don’t wait, Call Us Today! (855) 741-4848

If you were to hire a professional real estate agent or broker you would not get an offer within 24 hours. It is virtually impossible for it to happen the traditional way. Even if you decided to list your house yourself online, it would be impossible to get an offer that quickly. The websites do not get a steady traffic flow and your house would not have as much exposure.

You could pay money to have your posts sponsored and to appear at the top of listings. You still would not get an offer within 24 hours. You would have to wait days or possibly even weeks to have one interested buyer.

If you take the avenue of hiring a real estate agent, they will not immediately list your house. They take their time before they initially get back to you to even begin the process. Once it is listed, there is no guarantee that you will have any interested buyers right away. It could potentially be weeks or even months before any real interest is shown.

Once you do have people interested, you have to go through the various showings which could mean that you have to leave your home at random times. You will have potential buyers that want to go through endless negotiations and you still will not end up with a serious buyer. Real estate agents do not have any true vested interest in selling your house. They will simply move on to the next property until they find one the buyer really wants.

You can avoid all of this trouble and disappointment by contacting Dependable Homebuyers for a cash offer on your house. Selling your home directly to us is the perfect solution to your situation!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property...
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We will Make an Offer in Twenty Fours Hours

We Buy Houses ! Call for your Offer (855) 741-4848
We Buy Houses ! Call for your CASH Offer (855) 741-4848

When dealing with a real estate agent you can be certain that you will not receive an offer on your home in a day, week, or possibly even a month. You can definitely be certain that when you do receive an offer that you accept, that you will not close within 7 days. It is virtually impossible because the overall process of dealing with realtors or brokers takes weeks before closing can be set up.

No traditional homebuyer is going to be prepared to purchase a house overnight. They are going to want to take time to think about their decision, as they rightfully should. No real estate agent can set up the selling process within 7 days time. At bare minimum it takes a few weeks.
When we buy houses in Memphis, Tennessee, we do so quickly. We have the process down to an art and work to get everything done as fast as possible for you. Within 24 hours of you contacting us and our representative visiting your property, we put together a reasonable offer for you. We also do all of the research necessary within that 24 hours. You will not have to do any of the legwork or research. We will take care of all of it for you.

Complete the Sale to Dependable Homebuyers
in Seven Days

Once you have signed our offer acknowledging your acceptance, we get to work so we can have closing set up within 7 days. We feel that it is important for you to understand that you are not compelled in any way at all to accept our offer. You are welcome to take 24 hours to think about it, you can take a week or even more if you wish. We want you to be completely comfortable in your decision and to make sure it is right for you. The seven day time frame starts from the time we have the signed offer acknowledgement from you.

We Buy Houses in AS IS condition. Call for a CASH Offer TODAY! (855) 741-4848
We Buy Houses in AS IS condition. Call for a CASH Offer TODAY! (855) 741-4848

Ordinary homebuyers do not make a fast decision when it comes to buying a home. They generally take their time and weigh out their options before committing to anything. It is a guessing game as for time frame on this. A traditional homebuyer is also going to take a lot of factors into consideration before deciding to make an offer on a home. They do not want to purchase a property that does not have curb appeal. They will also shy away from a house that needs extensive repairs. They want a house that is move in ready and will not require additional money to be invested beyond the purchase price.

We Buy ANY Type of House in ANY Condition

At Dependable Homebuyers in Memphis, Tennessee, we do not care about the repairs that need to be done to your house. We are not concerned with curb appeal or overgrown landscaping. It does not matter to us if your house is filled with clutter or if your appliance are not updated and in tip top shape. We want to make you a reasonable offer on your house regardless of the condition it is in.

We do not have hoops for you to jump through or a ton of red tape to deal with. We have capital ready and waiting for us to make quick purchases of houses. We do not have to go back and forth with a bank and wait on their decision. We do not have investors that we have to wait on approval from. At Dependable Homebuyers, we fully fund our own purchases 100%.

There will never be any influence from third parties when it comes to our decision to purchase a property. We do not have investors breathing down our backs to make sure the property we are buying is really worthy. We work with our own money and make our own decisions as to what we buy.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time!
Give us a call at (855) 741-4848 today.
We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person
to talk about your options.

Call (855) 741-4848 for a CASH Offer Today!
Call (855) 741-4848 for a CASH Offer Today!

We buy ANY type of houses in Memphis, Tennessee. We do not discriminate based on neighborhood, curb appeal, or any other factors. When we buy houses in Memphis, Tennessee, we are not looking for a picture perfect house. We are not looking for the perfect location in the most desirable neighborhood in town. We are not in search of the perfect landscaping or a pristine lawn. These are all things that a traditional real estate agent or broker will want before they decide to take you on as a client. This is why selling your house directly to Dependable Homebuyers is the ideal situation for you. There is no reason to go through the unnecessary stress if you do not have to. As a matter of fact, we want to relieve you of the stress you currently have by being stuck under a house that you do not want or can no longer afford for one reason or another.

We buy properties in as-is condition. We will buy houses that are any size and any type of layout. When we say that we are ready to make you a cash offer for your house, we mean it! As long as you are the owner of the property and there are not any legal issues, we want to make you a cash offer that we are sure you will be delighted with.

No Fees, No Commissions

We do not use the same standards as real estate agents do. We will not reject your house because it is not impeccable. We will not flag your property as unwanted because of the area it sits in. We will NEVER charge you a commission when you decide to work with us. You will not incur any fees for advertising. Best of all, you will be getting out from under a mortgage that you may otherwise be stuck in. We consider this to be a winning scenario for you!
You do not have to pay anything to sell your house and you certainly do not have to invest your hard earned money into any repairs in order to sell it.
Our offer is one that will be reasonable and something that we will stand behind. We will not call you in a couple of days time to change the offer we made to you. It stands.
Get in touch with us today so that we can work with you to get you the cash you deserve for your house!

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out…while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

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