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Sell My House Fast in Durham, North Carolina


We Buy House In Durham, NC! Call (855) 741-4848 For Your CASH Offer Today!
We Buy House In Durham, NC! Call (855) 741-4848 For Your CASH Offer Today!

Are you a homeowner in Durham, North Carolina? Looking to sell your property? We buy houses in Durham. We are here to tell you that you can – and it’s much easier than you think. How many times do you have to deal with realtors? You list your house hoping to sell fast but an army of agents and buyers leads you to reconsider this time-consuming ordeal.

Why sell a house in the first place?

Most people sell a house because it’s too expensive to renovate. It would take a lot of time and money to get an old house into shape. Buying a new house usually seems smarter. Some people would like more room for their growing family or a smaller house because their kids moved out. Some people dislike their home and they want to move out. Some move for work.

Many people have multiple homes in their possession and they want to sell one of them. Well, we are here to buy your Durham, North Carolina property no matter why you decided to sell.

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We are Homebuyers, Not Realtors – You Can Depend On That!

We Buy ALL Types of Houses in Durham, NC
We Buy ALL Types of Houses in Durham, NC

You can rely on us. We are not realtors nor property developers, private or individual buyers or any other stakeholders that you have dealt with before. Our goal is simple – to buy your property straight away with a direct CASH offer. We don’t work for anyone or depend on anyone. But you can depend on us.

Dependable Homebuyers is an independent company that likes buying houses directly from homeowners around the country. We have a nationwide presence and an approach which has helped us make friends with homeowners.

Let’s say you want to sell a house. How do you do that simply and effectively? Well, it’s quite simple – all you have to reach us and we’ll give you a CASH offer on your property.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (855) 741-4848 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

The Best Way To Sell a House – Straight From The Future

We Buy Houses in Durham
We Buy Houses just like yours!

Anyone who has ever sold a house knows the challenge. And every time comes with a challenge. In the age before the internet, realtors had to rely on their networks to get a prospective buyer or a seller. Locals had a chance to get the best deals directly but anyone who wasn’t a local had to search for an alternative.

When the age of internet started, these old ways were forgotten.

But the internet brought its own challenges, though. Anyone could list their property, sponsored listings got more attention and others were lost in the sea of homes. You can list your property within minutes – but you’ll wait for weeks before you hear from anyone. You might not even get a response at all.

On the flip side, dealing with realtors isn’t all rainbows and sunshine either. Real estate agents promise short turnaround time and great service. And in all honesty, they do a good job, covering everything from legalities to marketing. But, it comes at a big price.

However, with us you’ll see none of these issues. We buy quickly, directly and with a CASH offer!

Best Way To Sell – Getting a Quick Cash Offer

Our mission is to buy houses in Durham, North Carolina. We don’t list the property, look for a buyer, we don’t do marketing or take your money. We just buy. To assure you, we’ll give you an offer within 24 hours.

To recap – you contact Dependable Homebuyers, we analyse your property and we make an offer within a day. You’re probably thinking of your mortgage, right? But our offers are not subject to any mortgage approvals done by a bank. It’s also not funded by banks or any financial institutions. We pay CASH, straight away – no down payment or installments.

Once you make a decision to sell your house, we’ll pay you the full amount in CASH. No intermediaries, no one to take a chunk of your money – including us.

What are you waiting for? The solution to your real estate problems is a quick call away! Call now at (855) 741-4848 or fill out the simple form below.

We Don’t Take Your Money – We Give You Money

So what? Many sites list houses for free. Most people think like this. But when you think about it, those sites don’t give you money either.

Let’s say you want to sell your house. You hire a professional to take pictures of your home so it would look amazing to buyers, you invest time to create a compelling description and you place all of that on a free real-estate listing website. You might think that you are all set and that buyers will start coming as soon as you hit “publish”. However, this is not the case. No one is calling. You start to wonder – why? After all that effort – and you must admit that your house looks amazing on the listing – why is no one calling?

The answer is simple – these listings are not built to generate traction. These platforms are built to force you into a paid sponsored listing which will get more eyes on your home. And even then, this might not work. It’s not even free.

Your other option would be to hire a realtor. This person would do all the work and sell your home in no time. But at what cost? In the end, neither of these options is perfect. What we have to offer, on the other hand, is unique. You can forget about all of that hard work, commissions and hidden fees.

There is a single transaction – the one between you and Dependable Homebuyers. And this transaction will actually make you happy. Pure CASH, all yours. As a bonus, we will take care of everything. From legalities and formalities to paperwork – it’s on us. People of Durham, North Carolina can depend on that. Don’t believe us? Just look at all of our happy clients!

Testimony About Selling an Inherited House

The Entire Process Done In 7 Days – Can You Believe It?

Our team likes to take things seriously. We don’t linger or wait around. We just do it. You know how you sometimes have to wait for weeks before the full process of selling a house is done? Not with us.

We like the efficient approach. For one, we’ll give you a CASH offer within a day. You could contact us, go to sleep and get an offer while drinking your morning coffee. Wouldn’t that be an awesome day?

So, what next? Well, we like to begin the process of buying your home at the very moment you say yes to our offer. The entire process of purchasing your home will take 7 business days at most! Just imagine – you could be on a vacation a week from now. Or in your new home. Or paying just one mortgage. Or paying none at all. You could also have a huge amount of money in your bank account. You could have the full amount of money we agreed upon in only 7 days. How can we do that? Is it a scam? No scam – we promise!

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property...
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Here’s how it works

Dependable Homebuyers can speed up the entire process because we make all of the decisions. We don’t respond to banks, financial institutions, lenders or investors. We have our own funds. And we choose to invest in you. Once we make an offer, we’ve made the decision to buy a property in Durham, North Carolina. All of the paperwork can then be done in 7 days. And then, you’re free.

This is not a deal that will go away. We have enough funds to buy multiple properties in Durham, North Carolina. Contact us at any time and we’ll respond with an offer within 24 hours!

What Type of House Do You Have? It Doesn’t Matter – We Like Them All

Have you ever faced house discrimination? Well, you probably have. This happens when a realtor or a buyer assess a property from a subjective perspective and form an opinion based on that. There is nothing wrong with this. We all have preferences and we look for things that will match that.

For example, you have a new, modern property. Now, normally, this would be an advantage. However, if you live in the part of Durham, North Carolina where people are looking mostly for that old-world charm, you’re in trouble.

Or if you have a really old house but most homebuyers are looking for a modern feel. You see how personal preferences affect your ability to sell a house?

All buyers and realtors will have their own preferences. Of course, they will assess the house from a rational point of view but emotional side almost always wins. Sometimes, it won’t be about anything specific – they just won’t like the vibe.

Affordability is another issue – so is the location, neighborhood or further prospect of selling. All of these factors need to align in order to make a successful sale.

This is bad news when you’re trying to sell your home.

You’ll end up reducing the price, renovating, spending on new appliances, floors or furniture, getting advertising and so on. Will this ensure your sale? Unfortunately, no. You’ll just end up with no profit at all.

Tired of this? Looking for a better solution? Choose us – Dependable Homebuyers of Durham, North Carolina. We don’t discriminate. Is your house old, new, short or tall? It doesn’t matter – we’ll take it. The only factor we weigh in is the real and fair value of your home.

Quit procrastinating! If you need to sell your property in Durham, NC, then give us a call at (855) 741-4848!

Are you worried we might not buy it because the current market finds it unappealing?

Stop worrying and call us right now! We don’t factor in market trends, age, number of rooms, square footage, the condition, installations or anything else, for that matter. We won’t ask you to change a thing. Not even the most obvious issues. You accept our offer, receive the payment within 7 days and you can go. No changes needed. Sell it as it is.

There is no need for staging when our representative comes either. We are not subjective – if it’s a house, we’re in. Our representative will evaluate your property fair and square, and buy it immediately.

Consider this – we have bought houses no one wanted, houses in neighborhoods no one wanted to consider, old and swanky houses. We have also bought fancy properties in prime locations.

Any type of house is welcome with Dependable Homebuyers, Durham, North Carolina. Call or write to us – we’ll make an offer within 24 hours. You’ll have time as well – you can take as long as you need to consider this offer. We get it – it’s a big decision.

Once you decide to sell, Dependable Homebuyers will be there.

Try Our Way Of Selling A Home In Durham, North Carolina.
Surefire, Convenient and Profitable – can it get any better?

Hey there – want to sell your home?

Well, we have an awesome offer for you. Are you aware that foreclosures are on the rise, rents are getting lower and more people are selling now than ever. What’s even worse, less people are buying. This is not a good combination.

There is no better way to sell your home than to work with Dependable Homebuyers. You have nothing to lose. Call us or write to us. We’ll make you an offer within 24 hours. You can decline it – no hard feelings. We get it.

Or you can say yes and we’ll pay you CASH within 7 days! You get the best of both worlds – you can hear our offer and make a decision. You may like the offer or you may not. We’re here for you anyways.

We are dedicated to buying properties in Durham, North Carolina.

You want to sell? Great! We want to buy! Stop losing time with realtors and individual buyers. Realtors may do a great job, but they take a large commission for all the work they do. This means you’ll end up without a profit or with a lot less money than you expected.

Free website listings are hopeless as well – you can set up a great listing and still get no buyers calling you. And if you get a sponsored ad, it’s not free anymore. In fact, it can be quite expensive.

But with Dependable Homebuyers, you can sell your house for sure, within days. We take houses in any condition – no changes needed. Once you call us, we’ll make an offer within 24 hours. This offer will transform into your bank account balance within 7 days.

It’s that simple.

Call us now if you want to sell your home in Durham, North Carolina in a simple and profitable way!

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

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