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“I Need to Sell My House Fast in Rochester, New York”

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We Buy Houses in Rochester, NY! Call (855) 741-4848 For Your CASH Offer!
We Buy Houses in Rochester, NY! Call (855) 741-4848 For Your CASH Offer!

Owners of houses in Rochester, New York, can now sell their residential properties directly to Dependable Homebuyers. There is no need to hire a realtor and pay hefty commissions. There are no closing costs. Homeowners do not need to wait for months after listing the property for sale online to find a genuinely interested buyer who will actually end up buying their house. It is now possible to get a purchase offer straightaway. Homeowners can sell their houses in just seven business days.

Say No to Commissions and Closing Costs

All real estate agents charge a commission on the sale price. This commission is usually four to six percent of the selling price. The commission rate varies but no realtor wants to charge less than others. There is always an attempt to charge more, which is why many real estate agents include other services in the agreement. Six percent of the sale price of a house in Rochester is several thousand dollars. It could easily be over ten thousand dollars. This entire sum of money can be completely saved by homeowners. Dependable Homebuyers deal directly with homeowners and there is no real estate agent involved at any stage. By choosing to sell your house to our company, you are effectively avoiding the entire commission that you have to pay otherwise.

All real estate agents and homebuyers will pass on the closing costs to the seller. As a property owner selling the house, you should bear this two percent. This can also be a few thousand dollars, in addition to the commission. The commission charged by the realtor and closing cost put together accounts for a large sum of money that can dent the net return on investment for homeowners selling their properties. Dependable Homebuyers does not pass on any closing cost to the homeowners. You can say no to paying commissions and closing costs by selling your property directly to Dependable Homebuyers.

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Say No to All Other Expenses

Sell Your House FAST in Rochester, NY!
Sell Your House FAST in Rochester, NY!

The commission and closing cost are unavoidable expenses if you hire a realtor. There are other expenses as well. You will have to pay for a sponsored listing. Any type of online and offline advertisement will also cost money. You will need to pay for staging, which is an avoidable process but real estate agents insist on it to impress potential homebuyers. All such expenses do not guarantee a sale. There is no certainty that staging will actually impress an interested homebuyer. Advertisements can be paid for in all futility. Sponsored listings do not always generate the traction that the websites or real estate agents claim. There are other variable expenses depending on the promotional campaigns planned by a realtor. None of these services are accounted for in the commission. The commission is simply the fee you pay for the real estate agent facilitating the sale. All other services are charged separately.

Many homeowners have to pay for property inspections. Such exercises are common in Rochester but they rarely help the seller. They are more helpful for the real estate agent and the homebuyer. Since most homebuyers rely on mortgage or a home loan to finance their purchase, there has to be an appraisal to facilitate the approval from the lender. This appraisal is also to be paid for by the seller. Neither the realtor nor the homebuyer will pay for this. Then there is a very real possibility of repairing some fixtures, upgrading a few amenities and potential remodeling that can cost thousands of dollars. All such expenses can take a toll on the financial return for the seller. These expenses can be avoided completely when we buy houses in Rochester, New York.

Don’t delay! Pick up the phone and give us a call at (855) 741-4848. Our offers have no obligations and come with zero strings attached.

We Buy Houses in Rochester, New York

We'd Love To Make You An Offer!
We’d Love To Make You An Offer!

Dependable Homebuyers is a real estate investment company. We are a nationwide company with teams of real estate consultants, financial and legal advisors, house buying experts and researchers. We buy houses in Rochester and we do so in an unprecedented way. We view properties for sale, inspect and evaluate them, verify the ownership details and other relevant information, ascertain the fair value of the house and make a purchase offer. This is a CASH offer, usually presented within twenty four hours of the viewing. This is also a free and nonobligatory offer for homeowners.

We Make Purchase Offers in 24 Hours | We Buy Houses in 7 Business Days

Sell Your House in 7 Days!
Sell Your House in 7 Days!

Homeowners can sell their houses to us within seven business days. There is no obligation or haste to accept the purchase offer. However, if a homeowner accepts it right away, then all we need is seven business days to close the sale and complete the transaction. Our surefire approach helps homeowners who want a quick sale. Even those who do not need a quick sale can definitely benefit and save the months of waiting that may not lead to a sale eventually. Time, money and effort are all important for a homeowner, just as it is for homebuyers and real estate agents. We can save you time, you do not have to put in any effort and you spend no money at all during the entire process. The first thing you have to do is contact us and let us know your intent to sell. The next thing you have to do is consider our purchase offer.

No matter your situation, the condition of your house,  or your timeframe… Call now at (855) 741-4848 or fill out the form below

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property...
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We Buy All Types of Houses in Rochester, New York

We Buy All Types of Houses in Rochester, NY
We Buy All Types of Houses in Rochester, NY

We buy all types of houses in Rochester, regardless of its type or size, location or condition. Many property owners struggle to sell their houses for one reason or the other. The type of house you have may not be suitable for many homebuyers. The size, layout or architecture may be an issue. The location is almost always a problem. Every homebuyer wants the most convenient location. Whether or not your property is in the most sought after neighborhood, no matter how big or small a house you own, we will buy your house. The type, size, layout and all other details will be factored in during the evaluation and they may influence the price but none of these will become an issue for us to not consider the house for sale. You will have a purchase offer in twenty four hours!

The exact condition of a house is often the biggest hurdle. Not all homes are in an impeccable condition when they are listed. This is partly why real estate agents insist on staging and also try to pursue owners of properties to invest in repairs and other improvements. The condition of your property does not matter as we buy houses regardless of the problems. Your house may not be the most desirable to look at. There can be obvious aesthetic issues. Your house may have structural problems, from the foundation to the roof, plumbing to the electrical wiring. There may be many other causes of concern. You may have mold growth in some parts of your house. There may be a pest issue. The house may be cluttered. Whether the problem with the condition is aesthetic or structural and it may be both, we will still consider your property.

We buy houses in as-is condition. We do not need homeowners to repair anything or upgrade their property. We do not ask for remodeling. We do not even want homeowners to stage their properties. We want to inspect a property exactly as it is and not staged in any way. We even recommended property owners to not clean their premises for our viewing. The natural state of the property helps us to carry out a proper inspection. We buy houses in Rochester, directly and outright in the condition they are in from property owners.

What are you waiting for? The solution to your real estate problems is a quick call away! Call now at (855) 741-4848 or fill out the simple form below.

We Buy Houses Facing Foreclosure, Hoarder Houses and More

There are many houses in Rochester and across New York facing foreclosure. The owners of such houses stand to gain nothing if the foreclosure is completed. The banks or mortgage companies will take over ownership of the property. The owners will be left without a house and with absolutely no return on their investment. It is best to prevent a foreclosure but there are times when homeowners cannot help. Refinancing may not be an option. Loan modification may not happen. A second mortgage or other solutions may not be as easy as they sound. When all efforts fail, foreclosure becomes inevitable and the prized real estate has no value for the owner.

Get Your CASH Offer Today!
Get Your CASH Offer Today!

We buy houses facing foreclosure in Rochester and across New York. We recommend homeowners to move fast so they can sell their houses before the foreclosure process is completed. Dependable Homebuyers specializes in what is known as a short sale. This is possible when the foreclosure has not been completed. Even if there is a notice of trustee sale issued for a house, there is a possibility of initiating a short sale. Dependable Homebuyers can negotiate with the lender or the bank to agree to a short sale. We have real estate consultants who have successfully carried out short sales for houses facing foreclosure. It is better to move now before it is too late.

We have the same approach for hoarder houses as we have for other residential properties. Owners of hoarder houses can contact us, schedule a viewing, get a purchase offer within twenty four hours and we can complete the sale in seven business days if the owners agree to go ahead. There is no easier way to sell hoarder houses. Owners know how complicated and extremely difficult it is to sell hoarder houses. Such properties are rarely enticing for homebuyers. Listing such properties online is often a nonstarter. Real estate agents do not really want to represent such properties unless the owners are willing to spend tens of thousands in repairs and upgrades.

We buy hoarder houses in as-is condition as well. There may be pest problems or structural issues. Such problems will not inhibit the prospects of a sale. Hoarder house owners can plan an immediate sale or they can choose to decide a convenient date to move out. We at Dependable Homebuyers can time the sale accordingly. If immediacy is desired, then we can complete the sale in seven business days!

What Do You Have To Lose? Give us a call NOW at: (855) 741-4848

The Most Convenient and Surefire Way to Sell a House in Rochester, New York

What Are You Waiting For? Call Us Today (855) 741-4848
What Are You Waiting For? Call Us Today (855) 741-4848

We present a better alternative to sell a house than all real estate agents and other methods combined. We have a simple and straightforward proposition. We buy houses and we can do so in seven business days! You can get a purchase offer that is free and nonobligatory within twenty four hours. In the worst case scenario, you will have a real offer at your disposal. If you do not accept our purchase offer, you can treat it as a real and fair estimate. In the best case scenario, you will be able to sell your house in seven business days and move on with the CASH credited into your bank account.

Homeowners in Rochester, New York, have nothing to lose by contacting Dependable Homebuyers. Those who are looking for a quick sale will not find any solution from real estate agents. Listing properties online and all other marketing campaigns will be unable to get you a genuinely interested buyer in a week. Most property owners wait for months before they actually get a genuinely interested buyer and even then there will be negotiations. Ordinary homebuyers are dependent on their banks or mortgage companies for financing. There will be unavoidable delays in the formalities as well. No such delay or uncertainty is relevant when we buy houses in Rochester.

We are a real estate investor with sufficient capital on standby. We finance our purchases without any intervention of third parties. We buy multiple houses in Rochester, New York, at the same time. Therefore, it is not as if we are only interested in one property and we will turn down the others. You can immediately sell your house, regardless of its type, size, location or condition, to Dependable Homebuyers.

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

Don’t Delay! We’re ready to give you a fair, cash offer for your Rochester, NY property immediately. No matter the condition, no matter the situation – you can sell your house fast without listing with a real estate agent. Fill out the form below for your no obligation cash offer!

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