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We Buy All Types of Houses, Any Location, and Any Situation


Most homeowners will have to overcome countless of hurdles to sell their property. It is unusual for homeowners to get homebuyers who are interested in the property and are straightaway willing to pay the ask price.

A staggering majority of homeowners who have decided to sell their houses in Savannah, Georgia, may not have plenty of homebuyers interested in their property in the first place.

The traditional ways to sell a house, which could be a solitary journey for a property owner or one can hire a realtor, is always painstakingly long. Some homeowners have to wait for weeks before a few homebuyers turn up to tour the property. Many homeowners wait for months before their listings garner some attention.

With a plethora of residential properties listed and available at any given point in time, it is not hard to comprehend why homeowners struggle to sell their properties sooner.


Every property is assessed on the basis of its merits against the demerits. Very few properties are in a location or a neighborhood that is in demand.

Homebuyers have their own shortlist of preferences and a longer wish list. They may be a tad flexible with the wish list but would be stringent with the preferences. Not all properties are in a pristine and ideal state.

There are many aspects of the sale influenced by conditions prevailing in the real estate sector. The market has its own ways of responding and no property owner is immune to such dynamics at play.

While homebuyers and the market conditions are definitely beyond the control of homeowners, realtors also have little to offer if things do not work out in your favor. Would you want to deal with so many challenges, some of which may be too hard to overcome?

Or, would you simply wish to sell your house directly to Dependable Homebuyers? We buy houses in Savannah, Georgia, and we can purchase your property straightaway.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (912) 208-2944 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

Dependable Homebuyers is Neither a Realtor Nor an Ordinary Homebuyer

Dependable Homebuyers is not a realtor or an average homebuyer. We are a nationwide company that is interested in buying residential properties. We buy houses in Savannah, Georgia.

We do not try to find an ideal homebuyer for you. We are not a realtor relying on websites and classifieds. We do not have to advertise your property.

You would not even need to put up a sign for sale to let people know that your property is available or listed. We are not a property dealer or individual investor. We are neither banks nor mortgage brokers or any other type of intermediary in the business of flipping houses and finding third parties to invest.

We ARE an independent company and we buy houses in Savannah, Georgia.


There are only two parties involved in the deal when you sell your property to us. You are the seller and Dependable Homebuyers is the purchaser.

We at Dependable Homebuyers avoid ALL the legacy problems that have plagued most realtors and we completely avert the traditional pitfalls.

You would not have to deal with repetitive tours of your property. You will not have to endure multiple visits of several homebuyers. You do not have to advertise on websites, social media, local directories and in other ways or through different mediums. You do not have to invest in property inspections and appraisals.


There is no wait time when we buy houses in Savannah, Georgia. We know many homeowners consider the waiting and the uncertainty to be an integral and unavoidable reality that has to be endured.

This is NOT the case when you deal with Dependable Homebuyers. We do not operate like normal homebuyers. We do not depend on homebuyers, like realtors do, and hence we are able to call the shots.

Our promptness and decisiveness stem from the fact that we do not ask banks, mortgage providers or investors to fund our purchase. We use our own capital to buy houses in Savannah, Georgia.

Receive a Purchase Offer in A Day

Would you want to wait for weeks and perhaps months before you get an interested homebuyer or would you like to receive an offer in twenty four hours?

If you hire a realtor or try to sell your house on your own without any help, then you are looking at weeks and in all likelihood months before you get a worthwhile offer. Even if you get homebuyers visiting your property, there is no assurance that they will come up with a proposition.

They may tour your property and move to another house for a quick visit. You may never hear from them again. Those that will get back to you may take several days and they may have a counter offer. Such offers may be completely unacceptable.

These are common experiences of millions of homeowners around the country and Savannah in Georgia is no different.


None of these realities are applicable when we buy houses in Savannah, Georgia. If you are interested in selling your house, then you should give us a call. You may also choose to write to us.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (912) 208-2944 today.

We will schedule a convenient time for a site visit. An executive will be at your house to tour it and this is all that you have to bear with at the outset. The executive will submit a report after the tour.

We have our own backend research team that would have all the details verified, from ownership and registration details to approval by local authorities in accordance to the building codes. Whatever else is there to be verified will be done by our research team and we will ascertain the fair value of your property on the same day.

We will present a purchase offer within twenty four hours of the visit by our executive.


You should know that there are no fees or charges for you to receive this purchase offer. You do not have to pay anything to our executive during the site visit. You do not have to pay any service fees for our backend research team. There is no appraisal or property inspection that you have to pay for either.

The purchase offer we shall present within twenty four hours is completely free and totally nonobligatory. You are not obligated to respond to us in a day or even a week. You can accept or decline our offer anytime you want. There is no haste and no precondition from our end.

Sell your House to Dependable Homebuyers in Seven Days

We buy houses in Savannah, Georgia, in seven days. This is from the date or time you accept our offer. If we imagine a scenario wherein the site visit is conducted after the day you call us for the first time, then you would be receiving a purchase offer within the subsequent twenty four hours.

If you accept our offer straightaway then we would take seven business days from that time to close the deal. In most cases, the completion of the sale will be sooner than seven business days.

We have the ability to close the deal and complete the transaction in seven business days. However, we do not obligate you to be so prompt in your assessing and comparing the offer. You have all the time you need to contemplate and you can get back to us when you are ready to sell your house to Dependable Homebuyers.


Any real estate deal is a time consuming and complicated exercise. Often, you cannot do much about the time because there are third parties involved. You may not be able to help the complications as there are legal and financial formalities.

Not every process is as straightforward as it may seem. Computing errors, human errors and miscommunications can often lead to unforeseen delays. Many expected hurdles may be difficult to navigate.

Banks and mortgages are usually involved in transactions, so they can play spoilsport if there is something amiss. Realtors or homebuyers, neither is truly independent of all the third parties and hence the whole transaction is dependent on how every variable factor will fall into its rightful place or perhaps will not be settled at all.

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We buy houses in Savannah, Georgia, in seven days and we can do so because we have the capital ready to fund our purchase. We do not apply for mortgages. We do not require home loans or any kind of financial assistance from banks. We do not look for homebuyers or any such third parties and hence are not codependent.

There are no private individuals or investors involved in our business. We are the sole decisive party in the deal at our end. If you are the only owner and you decide to sell your house to us, then the entire process is exactly as simple as it sounds.

We will put together the paperwork, have the funds ready to be transferred, you can sign on the agreement and we would complete the transaction. You would have the money credited into your account in seven days and we will have the ownership of your house. This is what we do and how we do it when we buy houses in Savannah, Georgia.

Sell Any Type of House to Dependable Homebuyers

Dependable Homebuyers is interested in every type of residential property. It may be a detached house, an apartment, a condo, a studio, a villa or a multi-story home. The property may be anywhere in Savannah. It could be of any size and layout.

The curb appeal may be pleasing or the exterior may be in poor form. There can be plenty of fascinating features in the property or the overall state may be less flattering. It does not matter if your property is not in its perfect or ideal condition. We buy houses in Savannah, Georgia. We do not have any stringent preconditions and hence there are no demanding criteria.


Whether you are dealing with a homebuyer directly or you have a realtor representing your interests, you cannot sell a property in an as is condition unless it is absolutely desirable for the buyer.

Realtors will tell you to make various changes so your property looks, feels and is desirable. If nothing is amiss in your house, realtors would still insist on staging so the presentation of the property is pleasing enough for interested homebuyers.

You may consider staging or you might have to invest in some repairs, upgrades, remodeling or renovation. All such exercises are expensive. You don’t have to pay money on any of these apparent requisites since they are not quintessential to facilitate the sale of your house.

You have an option at your discretion. You can directly sell your house to Dependable Homebuyers and do so straightaway, without changing anything in or about the property.

Give us a call at (912) 208-2944 today!

We Buy Houses in Savannah, Georgia

Say no to commissions that realtors will charge you. Say no to spending money on property inspections, appraisals, repairs or replacements, additions or upgrades. Say no to unending visits and tours of homebuyers.

Say no to advertising and marketing costs proposed by realtors. Say no to waiting for weeks, months and probably years before you can sell your house. Say no to every traditional hurdle that all homeowners have to endure.


Write to us or call us and we will simplify the whole process of selling your house in Savannah. We will make a straightforward purchase offer within twenty four hours. You can accept it and we will buy your house within seven days.

You are not committing to pay any fees or commissions. You are not obligating yourself to deal with us exclusively. You do not have to invest any money, effort or time. You do not have to deal with any uncertainty. You have nothing to lose when we buy houses anywhere in Savannah, Georgia.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (912) 208-2944 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

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