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Any Location, Any Condition, Any Situation

We invite all interested homeowners in the city of Tampa to sell their houses outright in an as is condition without any of the usual hurdles and painstaking delays. Dependable Homebuyers presents straightforward offers to purchase residential properties in Tampa and across the state of Florida regardless of location, type and size of the house, age of the property and other factors that generally pave the way for foreseen and unforeseen challenges. If you wish to sell your property immediately then Dependable Homebuyers becomes your number one option as we buy houses in Tampa, Florida.

We are Buyers, Not Realtors

Call Us for a CASH OFFER! (855) 741-4848
Call Us for a CASH OFFER! (855) 741-4848

Very few property owners get to deal with buyers directly. Without referrals and personal or professional contacts, there is little opportunity for homeowners to directly deal with homebuyers. Realtors will come into the picture sooner or later. There is no shortage of  online outlets that empower homeowners and homebuyers to respectively list their properties and search for their dream homes. This does not necessarily eliminate the realtors from the equation. Many of the listings available online are from realtors representing homeowners. Many of the searches initiated are by realtors representing homebuyers.

Realtors can play a constructive role, especially when neither the homeowner nor the homebuyer has the time or the resources necessary to pursue their specific quest. Yet, realtors can complicate the whole process. Most realtors deal with multiple clients at the same time. They are constantly chasing one deal after another. There are too many distractions for them and they too prioritize some clients and properties over others. Not to forget, realtors do not work for free and the best in the business will charge a small fortune. Many property owners avoid hiring realtors simply because of the commissions they quote. Homebuyers too will find it financially more practical if they do not pay the premium to a realtor.

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We at Dependable Homebuyers are not realtors. We do not play the facilitating role of connecting homeowners and homebuyers. We are the homebuyers. We work directly with the homeowners and there is no other party in the entire process. We do not charge any commissions whatsoever. In fact, we do not even pass on the closing costs. We bear all the expenses, from that of the legal processes to the financial transactions. Every step we take to facilitate the sale of your property is paid for by us. As a homeowner, you do not pay us anything at any stage and it is you who gets paid in cash. We do not deal in any kind of delayed payments or installments. We write a check and the entire amount agreed upon is transferred to your bank account.

No realtor in the city, state or the country can offer you the proposition we can put forth. It is not without a reason. Dependable Homebuyers has increasingly become the first consideration for homeowners across the country. We are a nationwide company with an expanding presence beyond the capitals of the states and the larger cities. We are now present in many of the smaller cities and towns spanning the length and breadth of the country. Give us a call or fill out the form and submit online to get a cash offer even before you can actually decide to hire a realtor or list your property online at multiple platforms.

Get a Cash Offer in Twenty Four Hours

It takes a few days to hire a realtor. Some homeowners may be able to appoint a real estate agent immediately after they decide to sell their properties if they know a brokerage firm or realty company in their area. Most homeowners will have to consider more than one real estate agent, compare the profiles of the realtors, consult with them and make a decision after due diligence. This entire process can take a several days, in some cases a few weeks.

Listing a property online also takes time. The whole process of listing a property may be simple but a homeowner has to consider the various

We Buy House in Tampa. Call Us TODAY! (855) 741-4848

sites and choose the best ones. It is also necessary to take good care of the presentation online. There have to be images, preferably videos or virtual tours, comprehensive details highlighting all essential information and the overall listing should be optimized too for the desired traction.

Gone are those days when a quick listing online will get the phones buzzing. There are hundreds and thousands of listings uploaded and updated every week. The innumerable homeowners are targeting numerous homebuyers. It is a haystack online and an individual listing is like a needle. Many listings do not get any views at all. Many that do get a few views fail to generate any interest. Too many homeowners have waited for months and some for years without getting the traction they had expected through online avenues. This is also why many are compelled to hire realtors in the first place.

You can avoid all such inconveniences and painstaking delays if you choose to deal with Dependable Homebuyers. We do not need you to list your property anywhere. We do not ask you to wait perpetually so we can contemplate before getting back to you with an offer. We do not rely on realtors or homebuyers to assess the property and then provide a response representing the interests or compulsions of any individual or entity. We simply make you a cash offer in twenty four hours.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (855) 741-4848 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

There is no company or individual in the country, across the state or within the city that will present you a cash offer within twenty four hours. This is what we do every time when we buy houses in Tampa, Florida. This is our standard operating procedure. We know how important time is, not just for homeowners but also for us. We also understand the needs of property owners to come up with a plan of action so they can time their move and put all their affairs in order. Whether you have already purchased a house and moved out or you intend to move after selling the home, there has to be a planned timeline. We can assist this timeline.

We present a cash offer in twenty four hours but we do not ask you to accept the proposition within any stringent deadline. You have all the freedom to accept or reject our proposition. You have all the time you need to consider our proposition. It is our commitment to provide you with a cash offer within twenty four hours but not your obligation to respond in any way within a specific period of time.

Sell your House within Seven Days

We Buy Houses in Tampa Florida
We Buy Houses in Tampa Florida

Dependable Homebuyers has a research team, fully equipped with all the essential resources and we swing into action the very moment you express your intention to sell your house. Our research team finds out every relevant detail there is that we must know about your property. We do not hire any third party for an appraisal, we do not rely on any unassociated professional for an inspection and we do not send you multiple evaluations to drown you in paperwork. There is no conflicting or confusing process when we buy houses in Tampa, Florida.

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Twenty four hours are sufficient for us to compute the cash offer and we present it to you. Should you choose to accept our offer and whenever you do so, we will take less than seven days to close the deal. It usually takes us five business days to complete all the legal and financial formalities. We close the deal and complete the sale within seven days at the most from the date of your acceptance of our cash offer. You will have the amount agreed upon in your bank account within a week of your approval.

Many homeowners wonder how we can make this happen. We can do so because Dependable Homebuyers is the investor and the buyer. We are not realtors and we are not ordinary homebuyers. We do not rely on banks for mortgages. We are not looking for any kind loan from the various financial institutions. We do not have investment management companies trying to influence our decisions. We do not even rely on third party investors. We have our own funds that we use to finance every purchase. This empowers us to act and react as and when in a manner that is befitting for our company policies and makes your quest more achievable.

As a company, we have a simple way of functioning and we are driven by a rather basic objective. We buy houses in Tampa, Florida. There are homeowners who want to sell their properties. We thwart the process of hiring realtors or any process that is akin to serving as bridges, facilitators or intermediaries, whichever term you may choose to use. We buy houses outright, directly and quickly. We buy houses in Tampa, Florida, at fair prices and we make sure the property owner does not pay anything in the entire process.

Sell Any House, Anywhere in Tampa, Florida

We buy houses in Tampa, Florida. We do not buy only one or a few types of houses. We have no preferential treatment for any client, any

We Buy ALL Types of Houses. Call for an offer (855) 7412-4848
We Buy ALL Types of Houses. Call for an OFFER (855) 7412-4848

type of property, any location or other factors such as age and condition of a house. It is obvious that some properties will be evaluated to have a higher sale price than others. It is true that some locations are always more enticing than others. Houses in impeccable condition will definitely merit a better offer than properties that are in disrepair. However, we do not turn around and express disinterest in buying any house, regardless of any of the issues that usually ruin the prospects of a property.

We buy houses everywhere in the city of Tampa and beyond. We buy all types of houses. It could be a detached house, a fixer upper, a condo or an apartment, an attached or semi-attached house, a suburban home or a townhouse, a villa or a large estate. The property could be five years old or brand new, fifty years old or may have been built and rebuilt a few times. We have absolutely no fixation over any attribute and we are completely flexible when it comes to considering all kinds of properties at any location, as long as there is no violation of the law or the building codes.

Give us a call NOW at: (855) 741-4848

One Small Step and a Giant Leap to Sell your House

Give us a call or write to us and we shall get back to you. All you have to do is give us twenty four hours and the relevant information about your property that you wish to sell so we can have a cash offer for you. There is absolutely no obligation. You are not committing to anything. You as a property owner have nothing to lose and the consequence is a definite win-win for you. Should you dislike our cash offer, you can take any recourse you want and look for a better deal elsewhere. Should you like our cash offer, you can consider it, do all the assessments you want and then express your approval when you want. We will take less than seven days to complete the sale and you shall have the money credited into your bank account.

Dependable Homebuyers does not get influenced by volatile factors that have always made lives difficult for many property owners. Far too many variables get into the way of selling a property and especially at a preset asking price. Several people and at times more than one entity wield varying degrees of influence and complicate the sale. Say goodbye to all such conventional problems with a contemporary solution. Choose Dependable Homebuyers and sell your house straightaway. We buy houses in Tampa, Florida, and you can be assured we will buy your property.

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