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Regardless of Condition, Location, or Situation

Hire a realtor to sell your property in Fort Myers and you would be asked to pay for property inspections, appraisals and perhaps some repairs or upgrades. The commission or the fees of the real estate agent aside, you would need to pay a substantial sum of money for advertising and other related expenses, many of which will be completely regulated by the realtor. You may not even have the slightest idea of the particulars of the entire expenditure as the realtor may club it all in their fees.

Even if you consider selling a property without the help of a realtor, you will need to deal with a ton of concerns that homebuyers will put forth during their visits and after. There is no straight and simple way to sell houses anywhere across the state. That is unless you are aware that we buy houses in Fort Myers, Florida.


The only convenient option available is Dependable Homebuyers. No matter what type of property you have, where it is in the city or perhaps in the surrounding areas spanning the county, what kind of condition the property is in and how old it is, we will be interested in buying your house. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We are Florida’s top “We Buy Houses” company.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (239) 232-3420 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

You may also write to us and we will promptly get back to you. Dependable Homebuyers has a unique proposition for all homeowners in Fort Myers and across the state of Florida. No realtor or real estate company will be able to offer you anything remotely similar.


We Buy Houses in Fort Myers, Florida

You might be wondering what is it that we do or how we go about buying your property. We have a simple objective. We buy houses in Fort Myers in Florida so if you have a property and you intend to sell it, then you can do so with extreme convenience.

You would not have to list your property on classifieds. You do not need to put up a for sale sign. You have no need for a realtor or a real estate agent. There is no one and no organization you need to contact or correspond with. You do not even have to deal with homebuyers. For we are Dependable Homebuyers and we would be buying your house directly from you.

We are not realtors looking for homebuyers. We are not ordinary home buyers looking for only one property. We are not typical real estate investors who are on the lookout for the most prized property in some perfect location or a house with historic significance.

We are a company that buys houses directly from property owners and we do so without any bias or strict preferences.


We buy all types of houses in Fort Myers, Florida. There are some investors that would be interested in estates or riverfront properties. The average homebuyers have a long checklist and they are often inflexible with everything they want.

Dealing with such investors or homebuyers will not guarantee a sale for you. Something or the other in your property may discourage them from buying the house. Your ask price may be too high, the location of your property may not be perfect, there may be countless glitches here and there or the entire proposition may not be ideal for the buyer.

None of these factors are at play when we buy houses in Fort Myers, Florida. This is the primary reason why Dependable Homebuyers has expanded across several states in recent years.

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We are Not Realtors

You should know that we are NOT realtors. We would not represent your property on the market. We do not have to look for buyers, investors or companies that may be interested in your house. We have no need to list your property anywhere and hence we do not have the related expenses such as marketing, multiple site visits, appraisals and different types of property inspections.

We have a straightforward business practice. After you express your intent to sell a property, we shall study it and make you an offer. If you accept the offer, then we shall proceed with the sale and complete it in just seven days. The time we take to close a deal is revolutionary.


Since we are not a realtor, there is no fee or commission to be paid. We do NOT charge you anything. It is you as the property owner who gets paid and it is always the fair value of the house.

We are not normal homebuyers who would be looking at every nook and corner of a property to gauge if it is perfectly livable or a dream home for us. We treat every property as it is and we ascertain its fair value. We do not have any subjective assessment.

Subjective inspections are always opinionated. Facts rarely matter and personal preferences weigh heavily on such inferences. We do not let our personal preferences or subjective opinions to influence in our technical assessments of a property. Hence, you can always be certain that you will get a fair value and you would not have to deal with the endless correspondences that are common with usual homebuyers.


An Offer in Twenty Four Hours, Completion of Sale in Seven Days

We do not charge any fees. There are no commissions. You do not have to attend to personal demands that ordinary homebuyers would put forth. There is absolutely nothing for you to lose if you contact us and consider selling your property to us.

To top it all, we would present an offer in twenty four hours and if you are in agreement, then we shall complete the sale in seven days.


You can think about all the options you have to choose from, consider the best case scenarios assuming that everything goes exactly as you wish for and more importantly in your favor. Now ask yourself a simple question of whether or not you can sell your property in seven days. The answer will always be an unmistakable no. There is no uncertainty in such an statement.


With Dependable Homebuyers, you would not only be able to sell a property but actually get to close the deal in less than a week. We schedule a site visit when we speak with you for the first time. One of our executives will be visiting your home.

The research team we have at our end will have already swung into action by then, assessing every typical and significant factor for us so we can determine the fair value of the property. Our executive reports their findings and we come up with an offer in less than twenty four hours.

Dependable Homebuyers allows homeowners to sell a tenant occupied property even if the renters are behind on payments or have done significant damage to the home. We buy houses in all situations, including foreclosure, probate, and the need for costly repairs.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (239) 232-3420 today.

The offer we present is always free and completely nonobligatory. You will never be asked to pay even a cent to receive the offer. You do not have any obligation to accept the offer. You are not even obligated to decline it within a preset period of time.

The fact that we can close a deal in seven days does NOT necessitate you to consider our offer and accept or decline it in seven days. We have the ability to purchase a home by completing all formality and the financial transactions within seven business days.

This period of seven days will start the day you accept our proposition. Your decision can come a week after the site visit or a month after our first interaction. You can study the offer, compare it and then choose to accept or decline it.

Say Yes to Saving Money by Saying No to Closing Costs with Dependable Homebuyers

As a property owner, you must have felt at some point in time that changing a few things about your home may speed up its sale.

Most property owners are advised by their realtors, family and friends, neighbors and even homebuyers to renovate something or the other, to remodel essential rooms or to upgrade certain fixtures, to repaint the exteriors, to repair and replace amenities or installations as necessary or desirable, to invest in some additions or to spend some money on staging.

All these are often deemed as compulsions by many property owners. These compulsions are expensive. They are presented as investments and most advisors would try to convince you that the return would be higher, thereby completely justifying the expense.

Say NO to any such investment and all types of expenses. When you have Dependable Homebuyers willing to buy the property in the exact condition it is right now, there is simply no sensible reason to upgrade it, change anything about it or spend any money on the property.

Give us a call at (239) 232-3420 today!

Every property has a few strengths and weaknesses. Its sale will always depend on many factors including location, type, design, layout, size, curb appeal, neighborhood, condition of interiors and exteriors, availability of necessary amenities and ask price among others.

All realtors and homebuyers would inevitably consider all these factors and they would assess your property on the basis of their preference and acceptance. These personal preferences increase the likelihood for rejection.

This is why most property owners think or are led to believe that their houses are lacking something, perhaps many things. Take the cosmetic issues out of the equation and none of these variables matter.

Dependable Homebuyers would not ask you to repair anything or upgrade a fixture. We do not need you to invest a lump sum on your property when all you want is to generate the return on the original investment you had made.

When we buy houses in Fort Myers, Florida, we ensure homeowners get the return on their investment that they deserve. We do not ask homeowners to pay anything, to invest in any remodeling or to bear the expenses of property inspections, appraisals and other avoidable exercises.

We are not obsessed with common problems in residential properties, whether it is a leaking roof or damaged floor, some plumbing problems or a sunken foundation, any damaged siding or cracked pillars and beams, moisture related damage or unpleasant looking exteriors, rotting woodwork or broken windows, noisy doors or failing insulation, some visible issues or concealed concerns.

These issues can ruin the chances for you and it may take a long time for any homeowner to take care of such problems before the property is deemed suitable for a sale.


We buy all types of houses in Fort Myers in Florida and this is regardless of its type, location and condition. We do not even consider market conditions or whatever changes are at play in the real estate area.

We accept simple issues and major problems just as they are. We factor in unaesthetic exterior or interior but we do not turn around and resist from making an offer.

You will get an offer from us and this will be within the promised twenty four hours. Once we have the offer, our pledge to close the deal in seven days stands and this is regardless of everything that can come in the way of the sale. Unless there are some legal issues pertaining to a home, we are interested in buying it.

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Sell your Home to Dependable Homebuyers Straightaway

Give us a call or write to us and we can schedule an appointment. You can discuss everything you want with our executive during the site visit. We would follow up the visit with an offer in twenty four hours.

You can decide to accept or decline our nonobligatory offer. Should you accept it, all the paperwork would be signed and you will have the money in your account within seven days.

We do NOT have endless red tape. We do NOT have banks or mortgage companies playing any role so there is NO possibility of our funding being unavailable. We have our capital ready and we have the capacity to buy multiple houses in Fort Myers simultaneously.

If you are interested in selling your home and we make an offer, then it is only your approval or otherwise that stands in the way of the sale.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (239) 232-3420 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

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