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How To Sell A House FAST During A Divorce

Can I Sell My House In The Middle Of A Divorce?

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Divorce proceedings are always going to be pressure-packed situations and a prickly process, particularly when you have assets – like a home – to divide between both parties.

In some situations, individuals getting a divorce decide that one person or another should be the one to “take” the property – covering the financial ramifications and essentially buying the other individual out. Others decide to “trade” a home for other assets that they are more interested in, striking a middle ground and a balance to facilitate a smooth divorce proceeding.

In some situations, however, you may find it more advantageous to sell your home in the middle of a divorce. There are several pretty significant benefits that you and the other party will enjoy should you choose to go down this road, not only financial benefits that both parties should be pretty interested in but also personal benefits that help smooth out things significantly.

For starters, selling your home in the middle of a divorce and choosing to split the proceeds 50-50 can allow both individuals to “hit the ground running” with a great financial foundation to rebuild their lives on top of. You also don’t have to figure out who gets the house and who gets other assets, you don’t have to worry about overinflated buyout deals, and you don’t have to worry about someone feeling as though they got the short end of the stick while the other person gets to continue living life in a home purchased for a plan that isn’t going to happen now.

Secondly, you’re also able to “clear the deck” of sorts when it comes to removing a shared asset between two people that are deciding to go their separate ways. There will inevitably be some sentimentality involved in a property that used to be the home for your family, and that sentimentality can make moving on in life a little bit more challenging than it might have been otherwise.

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Of course, the financial windfall created by selling your property in the middle of a divorce will also give both parties plenty of financial resources to take care of their now separate financial responsibilities, debts, and any of the other curveballs life inevitably throws our way during a divorce. Nobody has to worry about carrying the financial burden of covering the entirety of household expenses that use to be shared across two different income streams on a single income source, either.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages and benefits in moving on from a piece of property and selling your home in the middle of a divorce. A lot of people are surprised to learn that there aren’t any legal barriers you have to jump over when selling a property in the middle of a divorce, though there are some specific issues you may have to clear with both parties and any involved attorneys before you push forward.

We will cover that in just a moment.

Right out of the gate, however, let’s go over the preparation you want to do to make sure that your home can be sold in the middle of a divorce. This is what you’ll want to knock out ahead of time so that the sale can provide the kind of financial windfall you both are looking for, the type of financial windfall that can help “grease the wheels” of your divorce without building up any animosity.

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Preparing To Sell Your Home In The Middle Of A Divorce

Sell House in Divorce Fast
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We here at Dependable Homebuyers have been helping motivated sellers move on from homes and properties without having to involve a traditional real estate agent, cutting out the middleman completely and making sure that you get more cash in your pocket while also moving forward with an expedited sales process.

A number of the clients that we work with daily are in the middle of a divorce, some of them moving forward with an amicable divorce proceeding and some of them moving forward with a situation that is decidedly less than amicable.

At the end of the day, however, we here at Dependable Homebuyers are ALWAYS ready, willing, and able to pay cash for homes and properties with a very short turnaround time from the moment you reach out to our organization and the moment that the deal closes.

We specialize in helping individuals moving forward with a divorce move on from properties they are no longer interested in, aren’t able to float financially, or properties that give them a perfect opportunity to rebuild their lives after a divorce with the kind of financial head start we all deserve. We love moving forward with motivated sellers but enjoy putting cash in these motivated seller’s bank accounts for their properties as quickly as possible – helping you to move on without any excess baggage pulling you back, especially in the middle of a divorce.

Before you sell your property, however (to us, or anyone else, for that matter) there are a couple of things you want to think about to maximize your return on the property.

First things first, you’ll want to get a legitimate assessment for the value of the home that you are thinking about putting on the market. You’ll want to know EXACTLY how much your property is worth, what the comparable properties in your community are worth and what they are actively selling for right now, as well as how long these properties sit on the market before they change hands. This is the kind of inside information that will give you a tremendous amount of insight about your property in specific but will also help to inform every one of the decisions you make from here on out.

Secondly, you’ll want to figure out what you can do right away to improve the value of your home or make it easier to sell.

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Cosmetic upgrades can bring a pretty big return on your investment if done intelligently, and you want to take care of any necessary maintenance and minor updating that may be dragging the value of your property down. Before you dive headfirst into these kinds of changes, however, you want to make sure that you are going to get more than your money’s worth out of the investment you make into the property.

If possible, this is certainly the kind of conversation you’ll want to have with your soon to be former spouse – if only to get on the same page and make sure that you both are making the smart, savvy, and strategic adult decision to improve both of your financial outlooks going forward.

This may be the last big project that you both choose to tackle in tandem, but if you can put your differences aside for the welfare of your futures you both stand a great chance of coming out of divorce better than you would have otherwise.

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It’s Time To Get The Lawyers Involved

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The next thing you want to do is speak to your attorney and have your soon to be former spouse speak to their attorney about how to draw up an agreement that legally protects both parties. This is especially important if one party is going to be walking away with the lion’s share of the financial windfall produced by the real estate sale while the other gets something else in return.

The last thing you want to do is to invest money in a piece of property you then go on to sell, without consulting your divorce attorneys, only to discover later on that you have to split the proceeds of your sale with your former spouse – without them having to carry any of the financial burden or heavy lifting to get the property sold in the first place.

If things are moving along amicably, this is usually a pretty simple and straightforward conversation. If things are moving forward a little bit less than amicably, as long as both parties understand and agree that this decision is the smartest move to make so that you both hit the ground running after your divorce, it is still a pretty straightforward conversation and agreement to have drawn up by professionals that do this kind of work all the time.

It’s important to get your lawyers involved BEFORE you decide to sell your property to an organization like our own here at Dependable Homebuyers. We are more than happy to offer cash in hand for homes and properties without tying up middlemen and extending the sales process any longer than necessary. But if you find out later down the line that prenuptial agreement was in place, shared assets and financial disclosure details hadn’t been accurately conveyed to the courts, or discover any other bumps in the road that pop up along the way, you may be less than excited about the outcome of selling your home in the middle of a divorce.

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Find Out How Your State Handles The Division Of Profit From A Real Estate Sale

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Dependable Homebuyers offers a cheaper alternative than paying lawyers fees through an extended listing

Finally, you want to make sure that you understand EXACTLY how your state and local legislature handles the division of profit from any real estate sale made by a married couple – which is what you will still be if you are serious about selling your property in the middle of a divorce proceeding and before it has officially finalized.

All states have individual rules, regulations, laws, and procedures that they follow dictating how these kinds of sales are handled. Washington state, for example, is considered a “community property” state. That means EVERYTHING purchased during a marriage is considered to be owned equally by both spouses, no matter what.

Again, as long as you both are open and honest as well as transparent with your divorce attorney, you can come up with arrangements that supersede this legal mandate.

But if you try and pull a fast one on your soon to be former spouse that has no idea you’re selling a piece of property in the middle of divorce proceedings you’ll likely end up losing more than your shirt along the way!

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Work With Homebuyers That Understand The Ins And Outs Of This Sometimes Tricky To Navigate Process

Selling your house during a divorce doesn't have to be difficult
Selling your house during a divorce doesn’t have to be difficult

At the end of the day, the smartest thing you can do to move things right along – while still getting a fantastic price for a home or piece of property you’re looking to unload in a hurry – is to move forward with homebuyers that fully understand the ins and outs of purchasing a home in the middle of a divorce.

For years now, we here at Dependable Homebuyers have been pulling off exactly these kinds of purchases clear across the United States without any headache or hassle so ever. Always on the lookout for motivated sellers, we know exactly how difficult and how challenging it can be to navigate the real estate sales process in the middle of a divorce but we have never shied away from the process, either.

Instead, we lean right into the process, helping our clients every step of the way without forcing them to deal with expensive real estate agents, listing agents, and other middlemen that are only interested in tacking on fees and chipping away commissions while extending the sales cycle as much as they can.

You’ll never have to deal with any middlemen, won’t have to deal with any long sales cycles, and (in most cases) will be able to get cash in hand for your property a whole lot faster than you would have been able to try to sell your home in the middle of a divorce with any other approach.

As a national home buying agency that purchases properties directly from motivated sellers without any middlemen in the way, we have the resources, the assets, the cash, and the capital necessary to help you unload your property in the middle of a divorce.

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about how we can help you specifically, or just want to talk about the specifics of the process of selling your home in the middle of a divorce with experts that understand all the ins and outs of this tricky situation, fill out this quick form or give us a call at your earliest convenience.

We are here to make this process painless and profitable for you.

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