Housing Market For 55+ Reaches Record High in Builders Confidence

The housing market has rebounded after successive years of being on a downslide. Specifically, the 55+ demographics of the real estate housing market has benefitted a lot from this first quarter boom. In addition, the builder confidence of this older adult sector reaches record high, one of the highest rating recorded since the inception of … Continued

Special Nashville Events You Should Not Miss

  The city of Nashville is quite known for its love for music and entertainment. Dubbed as the Music City, expect lots of fun, exciting and awesome events for both locals and tourists alike throughout the city all year round. If so happens you’re in for a visit in Nashville for the last week of … Continued

As New Homes Sales Dropping in April, Is It Time To Panic?

The recent data from the real estate market showed still not good signs for the housing market in general. While the housing market might have cooled off already, the affordability still experiencing crisis, which makes the housing market face housing affordability problems – and these issues are accelerating. According to Kelsi Maree Borland in her … Continued

Nurses Choose Baltimore As The Best City To Buy A Home

Nurses are among the noblest professions in the world. They are entrusted with a very delicate job of taking good care of every patient, making sure that they receive the right medical attention they need. It is a tiring job, and most of the time they are underpaid with the amount of time and services … Continued