A Glimpse At Baltimore’s Colorful Historical Events

The City of Baltimore sure has a colorful history that people will remember for the rest of time. However, these historical facts and events are so important that they must be commemorated so that more people, both locals, and tourists will know and appreciate these events. Christina Tkacik of The Baltimore Sun will take us … Continued

Housing Market Trends in 2019 and What We Should Expect

Everyone in the real estate market is looking forward to a more stable and profitable in 2019. This is what investors, homebuyers and sellers are hoping. But the latest numbers of the current market trends say otherwise. A lot of experts in the real estate warned to prepare for a weaker 2019 for several reasons, … Continued

Stay Inspired! Check Out These Baltimore Motivational Stories

It is somehow fulfilling and inspirational to read success and motivational stories from people who have become very successful in their chosen field despite experiencing so many hardships in their lives. Reading and knowing their stories makes us also feel motivated to do something good and the urge to become successful as well. Here are … Continued

Home Improvement For Real Estate Trends in 2019

Just like the real estate market where trends are usually forecasted, there is also home improvement trends forecast for the year 2019 in which homebuyers, home sellers and investors (house flippers) are also looking into, especially if homeowners are looking to do home renovations, or house flippers buying a house that needs renovations before flipping, … Continued

March Madness Food And Drinks In Baltimore

It is time for some intense college basketball once again fo it is March Madness time. This is that time of the year where sports fans, in general, have three things inside their brain: basketball, brackets, and booze. Indeed, sports fans will find the best place to have a drink while watching their favorite teams … Continued

To Probate Or Not in An Inherited Property

There are instances where inherited property such as a house or parcel of land from a deceased relative need to undergo several legal processes in order for the beneficiaries to take ownership of the property. This case usually happens when assets are named solely in the deceased name and no other names attached. This process … Continued

Baltimore’s Weekend Lineup for March 15-17 2019

It’s another weekend, which means Baltimore will become livelier than the ordinary weekdays. For some reason and a bit of tradition, weekends in Baltimore is something people, both locals and tourists in the city look forward to. Well, can’t blame them though, for weekends are the times where events, discounts, and promos usually happen city-wide. … Continued

Essential Food Experience in Baltimore

Baltimore’s food and drink are considered one of the country’s best. This is true for a lot of tourists flock the country all year round, and Baltimore’s unique and delicious food is at the top of their reasons as to why they keep coming back to the city. There is something to the taste of … Continued

Undergoing Divorce Process? Learn How To Sell Your House Fast

Not all marriage works perfectly. There are married couples who decided to end their relationship for several reasons. Among the most common divorce reasons include cheating, impotency, lacks time on each other, among others. However, regardless of the reason that prompted them to end their married life together, divorce or dissolution of marriage is an … Continued