Divorce. Death. Remarriage.

Forever is a very long time and nothing lasts forever. For some, this may be not true but for some, it is. This applies to marriages and not all end in a happy ever after. When this time comes, family members should know how to handle it. Helping Your Teen Adjust to Divorce In an … Continued

Tuesday Initiatives

For a city to thrive in the 21st century, it must not just rely solely on major ventures. As a matter of fact, working with a small part of the population would sometimes end up to be more successful and impressions are far greater than  the usual. Small or big, for the environment or for … Continued

No Will Can Mean Big Headaches in Maryland

Inheriting a property may be a music to one’s ear. While inheritance do always have to deal with taxes and whatnot, but in general, it is a “sought after” moment. The value, both monetary and sentimental, are always the thing. But what if one died without a will? Who gets what? Unlike most European estates, … Continued

Business Beginnings

Businesses are like wine– you know they are good when they have been around for some time. The longer, the better it is. While we always look up to old, “time-tested” business organizations, they, too, actually had gone through the phase of being a start-up and did good over the years, consistently. Baltimore is known … Continued

Maintaining the Value

As a homeowner,  no one could tell you what to do, really, with your house. You could either make use of your place until it rots and give it up or enjoy every every moment as years pass by, keeping it pristine and neat, as you had it when you first got the property.  No … Continued

Motivation Sunday

While we always look up to famous personalities for inspiration, some of them are but countless of common folks whose stories are equally inspirational.  And some even become famous not because of doing nothing, but because of their dedication, hard work, and the will to make a difference no matter what the situation and state in … Continued

Real Estate State

The Charm City is dotted with real estate developments either to address housing or for business and pleasure. As such, it may entails the going of a current structure to give way to a more viable building, or a making use of an area and turning to a more usable and beneficial place. Just like … Continued

News Over Baltimore

Anything that could be of interest to someone or a group is considered a news. While there could be hundreds of stories that are interesting, but we would like to make a run down on the few that are truly “news-worthy”. From Ecological and Economic-Friendly… Bird and Lime will each pay Baltimore $15,000, plus a … Continued

Catching Up

Most of us run on credits and that’s why we have our credit scores. Well, living with credits is good as long as you are responsible and wise enough to find ways to pay them on time. Getting a house through mortgage is something the same with purchasing using a credit card, only to a … Continued

The Week Never Ends

Vibrant as can be, the Charm City never runs out of events. From musical concerts to business gatherings; museum tours to going green. From the young ones to the young once,  the city is full packed for the weekend. Truly, it is where fun and work meets and the week never ends in the Charm … Continued