Baltimore Sports Updates: Maryland Terps in March Madness

Maryland Terrapins or simply Terps represents the University of Maryland in NCAA Division 1 competition. This year’s edition of March Madness, the Terps earned the sixth seed in the 2019 NCAA tournament. Before getting deeper into how the Terps fared in the tournament, it’s time to get to know the Maryland Terrapins teams. Tyler Byrum … Continued

House Flipping Secrets: Finding The Right House To Flip

Flipping houses is among the most popular types of real estate investing for the short term. It is a high-risk high reward type of investment in which the investor or house flipper often the one doing the flipping himself. It is very important to remember though that there are basically lots of decisions to make … Continued

Discover The Best Drinks in Baltimore

It is no secret that the city of Baltimore is known for its great reputation of being among the best places to eat and drink in the country. In fact, it was ranked by Yelp in the top 10 best places to eat, a feat only a few of the many cities achieved in the … Continued

Divorce Process: Making It Easy For The Children

There are several reasons why couples end up in a divorce. From misunderstanding to have no time for each other to cheating, betrayal, and so much more than they reached the boiling point and decided to part ways. That is the painful reality. While there are those who fulfilled their promise of forever, there are … Continued

What To Expect In Baltimore Over The Weekend of March 22 – 24 2019

It’s another weekend again, and expect some awesome events, activities and delicious foods in several restaurants throughout Baltimore. As mentioned previously in several articles, it’s like a party in the city during weekends, and this is one of the many reasons why tourists love the city very much. Rodlyn-mae Banting of Baltimore Magazine listed the … Continued

Become a Successful Real Estate Investor With These Tips

Real estate investment is considered to be one of the safest, low risk and sometimes profitable type of investment if done right and in the right timing. In addition, investing in real estate is not rocket science. Anyone could learn more about the real estate market and in choosing the right real estate investing type … Continued

A Glimpse At Baltimore’s Colorful Historical Events

The City of Baltimore sure has a colorful history that people will remember for the rest of time. However, these historical facts and events are so important that they must be commemorated so that more people, both locals, and tourists will know and appreciate these events. Christina Tkacik of The Baltimore Sun will take us … Continued

Housing Market Trends in 2019 and What We Should Expect

Everyone in the real estate market is looking forward to a more stable and profitable in 2019. This is what investors, homebuyers and sellers are hoping. But the latest numbers of the current market trends say otherwise. A lot of experts in the real estate warned to prepare for a weaker 2019 for several reasons, … Continued

Stay Inspired! Check Out These Baltimore Motivational Stories

It is somehow fulfilling and inspirational to read success and motivational stories from people who have become very successful in their chosen field despite experiencing so many hardships in their lives. Reading and knowing their stories makes us also feel motivated to do something good and the urge to become successful as well. Here are … Continued