How To Make Money off of Foreclosures

People who are looking to buy good deal properties, seasoned real estate investors and house-flippers often looked at the list of foreclosed properties for them to find cheap houses that are in good condition. However, while some made fortunes out of these foreclosed properties, equating it to easy money is a huge mistake – especially … Continued

Important House Repair Tasks Every Landlord Must Know

Properties such as your home need regular maintenance checks to find and fix problems before it gets out of hand and poses serious problems to the people living inside the property. Now, regularly doing a house maintenance check and repairs become even more important if you are a landlord since there’s a need to ensure … Continued

How To Efficiently Do Home Rehab and Flipping?

House flipping is a common real estate investing type that involves buying a property such as a house, then selling it again for profit. It is actually a highly profitable investment, but with a higher risk. In fact, a lot of investors lose money from house flipping due to wrong decisions such as selling the … Continued

Housing Market For 55+ Reaches Record High in Builders Confidence

The housing market has rebounded after successive years of being on a downslide. Specifically, the 55+ demographics of the real estate housing market has benefitted a lot from this first quarter boom. In addition, the builder confidence of this older adult sector reaches record high, one of the highest rating recorded since the inception of … Continued

Home Renovation Tips For Higher Appraisal

Deciding to sell your house is not as easy as you might think of. It is not just about listing your home and wait for someone to contact you, have some negotiations and then seal the deal at the agreed price. It does not work that way. Buyers will think of buying a home a … Continued

Practical Ways To Stage A House Before Selling

You can find lots of house for sale in different listing sites as well as in foreclosed properties. However, while the majority of these houses are priced at a discount, its overall condition might not be ideal and requires both minor and major home repair that incur additional costs. House flippers often find houses that … Continued

Home Improvement For Real Estate Trends in 2019

Just like the real estate market where trends are usually forecasted, there is also home improvement trends forecast for the year 2019 in which homebuyers, home sellers and investors (house flippers) are also looking into, especially if homeowners are looking to do home renovations, or house flippers buying a house that needs renovations before flipping, … Continued

Selling Your House As Is Or Home Repairs, Which One To Choose?

The time comes that you need to sell your beloved house for various reasons that you need immediate cash. Perhaps you need to pay hospital bills, pay tuition, need capital to start a business, divorce process, among others that by selling your house is the only solution. Now here comes the problem, especially when your … Continued