Affordable Home Repair Tips Before Selling Your Property

There are life instances that ended in a decision of selling your property, specifically your house. Whether you decide to sell it for you need money, planning to move into another house or doing it for business (house flipping), there are several things to take into consideration before even putting your property in various listing … Continued

Home Repairs and Maintenance Tips You Must Not Ignore

Over the years, homes tend to acquire several minor and even major damages most of the time homeowners notice it a little too late, hence requiring major home repairs project that is most of the time costly and time-consuming. This is the reason why regular home maintenance check-up is necessary to spot these little damages … Continued

Setting Your Home Apart for Sale in Baltimore

Usually when it is time to sell your home in Baltimore, you are not likely to be the only one. There will always be competition out there but with a little work, you can get your house sold pretty quickly. Following the tips below is a sure way to make sure your house gets noticed … Continued

Older Houses in Baltimore, MD are Hard to Sell

Baltimore is filled with older homes. Built in the 1940s and the 1950s, they were top of the line homes in their day. Over 60-70 years these homes have gone from modern, brand new homes to end-of-life junkers. Plumbing needs to be replaced, electrical systems are eroding, the plaster is no longer level and the … Continued

What To Do When Your House Won’t Sell In Baltimore

You’re likely reading this article because you’re having a difficult time selling a property. There can be a number of reasons why your house won’t sell in Baltimore. Given our experience in the Baltimore market, here are the most likely issues. Baltimore’s Real Estate Market Can Be Finicky When Selling Your Property Baltimore neighborhoods fall … Continued