Catching Up

Most of us run on credits and that’s why we have our credit scores. Well, living with credits is good as long as you are responsible and wise enough to find ways to pay them on time. Getting a house through mortgage is something the same with purchasing using a credit card, only to a … Continued

The Week Never Ends

Vibrant as can be, the Charm City never runs out of events. From musical concerts to business gatherings; museum tours to going green. From the young ones to the young once,  the city is full packed for the weekend. Truly, it is where fun and work meets and the week never ends in the Charm … Continued

Fit for the Firsts

The idea of selling your house might be a thing you haven’t though of until you realize the need to do it. Most often, if not, the convincing reason is the need to move — either because of work or a growing family — and that usually involves buying a new house. And just like … Continued

Thursday Landmarks

While it is probably most famous for delicious crabs and as the home of the Orioles baseball team and Ravens football, Baltimore is one of the oldest cities in America. Being a city founded earlier than the country, Baltimore is a hotspot for historic landmarks.  Residents and visitors alike are afforded glimpse of the pasts … Continued

Making a Profit With Rental Properties

Owning a property is an achievement; making your property to generate income is a another feat to that achievement. While there have been lots of stories of real estate moguls and the crazy income they are getting, they all but have started on the first part of being a landlord. Yes. All things start with … Continued

Wiz Wednesday

The list of things about Baltimore is as long as its history, or probably even longer! Some information are familiar to locals and visitors alike while some could have never been known or thought of. Libby Zay, for the website Trip Savy, compiled some interesting facts about the Charm City. While larger cities like New … Continued

Divorce. Division.

Not all stories have happy ending. This applies to some relationships and marriages. Others might have prepared through a pre-nuptial agreement but what if you haven’t? All, if not most, end up having the actual separation process longer because of the need to properly divide properties. Gladly, there are several laws and proceedings to date … Continued

Tuesday Tidbits

Progress equates to changes and what better changes could be without initiatives. The Charm City, just like any other communities, is subject to circumstances– either man-made or natural. But good thing is everyone always have initiatives to counter and ease these issues. Lessening Emissions When we hear the word emission, what we would immediately think … Continued

The “Leaving” Dead

While most commodities promise you of a lifetime use, real estate properties are among the few exceptions. They could even stay with you or your family for several lifetime– generations that is. While the word inheritance is a music to the ear, but the process it entails are sometimes deafening. Wherever you are, there are … Continued

Baltimore Events

Workweek? More Like “Funweek” in Baltimore! All articles courtesy of EventBrite. BMK – Tuesdays @ Tin Roof – Fall 2018 BMore Karaoke, 32 Market Place, Baltimore Tuesday, August 21, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM BMore Karaoke is a social, team-based competitive karaoke league. It’s team-based, meaning you perform with friends and cheer each other on. It’s … Continued