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When it comes to selling your house in Arizona, the process can get pretty complicated and you’ll find several hurdles in your way. Selling a house can often be a nerve-racking experience, and you’ll have to deal with the arduous task of finding interested buyers.

This is tough and it can mean that the process does take weeks. The buyers themselves might be interested but their hands are tied and they also have to wait months before they can make progress.

And this isn’t the only hurdle. Your house may not be in the best condition, for example, and there can be market forces outside of your control. Realtors can be difficult to work with and given they have a business, they will be guided by their interests.

Looking to leap these hurdles? We buy houses in Arizona and we will purchase your property directly.

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We Are Not Realtors

We Buy Arizona Houses! Call for a CASH Offer Today! (855) 741-4848
We Buy Arizona Houses! Call for a CASH Offer Today! (855) 741-4848

At Dependable Homebuyers, we buy houses in Arizona, and it’s as simple as that. When you work with us you don’t get bogged down in the complicated process of listing your property and marketing it to interested buyers. We aren’t a real estate broker and we do not have an agency, meaning that you are free from the influence of market conditions.

We don’t depend on financial institutions or developers for our financing either. We are entirely independent of all third parties and this means that there are just two parties involved: ourselves and you. We are the homebuyer.

When working with a realtor you will find that you might have to deal with repetitive visits and tours. You’ll also have to put up multiple listings which can be costly, not even mentioning the property inspections and appraisals. When you work with us, this is all gone.

Homeowners often mentally prepare themselves for an unpleasant and stressful process when they decide to sell their home. They also prepare for escrows or banks which will be responsible for making the transaction happen. Homebuyers also have their process shaped by those same financial institutions, which can have an impact on the homeowner. If the buyer fails to get funding, the whole process can fall apart.

Realtors want to secure your business, so they will be quick to sell false promises. They will say the process is going to be simple and stress-free, but once this is proven not to be the case, they will quickly leave homeowners to their fate.

With us, you do not have to worry. We are not realtors, brokers or agents. This means that we are not searching for people interested in buying your property, nor do we have to secure funding from financial institutions. We have our private funds and we can buy your house in Arizona right away without the stress and hassle of dealing with a realtor.

Getting a quote from us is incredibly simple: make the call and we will have an offer to you right away.

We’re available to talk about your property at any time! Give us a call at (855) 741-4848 today. We’re local and would love to meet you at your property in person to talk about your options.

An Offer in 24 Hours

We Buy Houses in Arizona!
We Buy Houses in Arizona!

Many homeowners find that they have to wait weeks and even months before they secure a viable bid for their property. Even then, the bid can fall through if the financial backing isn’t there. How long will you wait?

You may find that offers are below the asking price and are nothing more than an attempt to open negotiations. Unfortunately, this is all too common. Homeowners in Arizona run up against this problem often, except those who choose to work with Dependable Homebuyers. We buy houses in Arizona immediately, and we even provide an offer within 24 hours.

It’s that simple. Once you have initiated contact with us and requested a quote, one of our professionals will visit your home. Using an effective process based on substantive research, we will determine a fair value for your property. You do not have to foot the bill for assessments or research – this is an in-house process and we cover the costs.

Once the assessment is complete, we present a fair value offer within 24 hours from the moment we visited your property. This is a no-obligation offer and it costs you absolutely nothing.

Don’t delay! Pick up the phone and give us a call at (855) 741-4848. Our offers have no obligations and come with zero strings attached.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property...
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We Buy Houses in Arizona within Seven Days

Call for Your CASH Offer Today! (855) 741-4848
Call for Your CASH Offer Today! (855) 741-4848

Once you have received your offer within 24 hours of our visit, you are free to accept the offer. From the moment you accept the offer, the clock starts ticking, and we will buy your house within seven days.

The offer that you receive is non-binding, and you are free to think it over for as long as you need it. We understand that this is a big decision and you may need days or weeks to think it over. Once you tell us that you would like to go ahead, it takes us as little as seven days to complete the sale.

In this time we will take care of all the formalities and, of course, the transaction. The funds will be in your account within seven days you the transfer of ownership will also have been finalized. Your house will be sold quickly and professionally, and we will have a date to acquire the property.

Many homeowners in Arizona appreciate the simplicity of this process. They understand that selling a house is a complex and time-consuming process. Even if hundreds of interested buyers contact you the moment your listing goes live, the process will still take months given that banks and mortgage lenders will have to fund the purchase.

Many sellers also get incredibly fatigued given there is a huge range of numerous visits. Each visit is an ordeal and requires constant contact with the realtor, and these visits often lead to futile negotiations. This process cannot be made quicker and the chores and unavoidable. It’s a frustrating process given that in the end, nothing may come of it.

Call (855) 741-4848 For Your CASH Offer TODAY!
Call (855) 741-4848 For Your CASH Offer TODAY!

We buy houses in Arizona quickly and effectively. Once you accept our offer, the transaction will be completed with seven days. We often work quicker than seven days and delight our sellers.

Our success over the years has been secured thanks to two key reasons:

  • The first is that we are not reliant upon any third party or the market.
  • The second is that we are not dependent upon financial institutions or banks to fund our purchase.

Finding a homebuyer who will meet your asking price is very difficult, as is negotiating with the bank and other financial institutions. Banks will often delay loan approvals and reject an application, and pre-approved mortgages also come with a host of problems. The absence of third parties in our process means that you can depend on us to facilitate the sale of your home within seven days.

What Do You Have To Lose? Give us a call NOW at (855) 741-4848

We Buy Every Type of House in Arizona

We Buy ALL types of Houses!
We Buy ALL types of Houses!

The success that you will have in selling your home depends upon a huge range of factors. The location of your home is an important one, as are the features of your property. You’ll find that the design of your house has a big impact, as well as the layout and size. The curb appeal plays a big role, as does the interior and exterior condition of the home. The amenities available are important, and the asking price is, of course, a deal-breaker for many buyers.

The homebuyers interested in your home will carefully assess each of these factors. Each person differs in terms of their needs and tastes, meaning that this is a highly subjective process and there is nothing you can do to influence a person’s perception. This means that houses which are in anything other than perfect condition are difficult to sell.

When it comes to Dependable Homebuyers, none of these factors matter when we buy houses in Arizona. We do not mind what type of house you have, nor where it is and the condition that it is found in. We will make you a fair offer and buy the house if you decide to accept that proposition.

We understand that many residential properties have similar problems. We do not mind if your property suffers from common problems including damaged floors, cracked pillars, and beams, moisture damage, plumbing problems, broken windows, squeaking doors, failing insulation, or other common and uncommon concerns.

Homeowners will find that these issues can become real roadblocks to selling their property. Realtors and homebuyers will be keen to have those issues resolved and paid for by the homeowner, and this is why realtors will encourage sellers to resolve these issues themselves. This doesn’t just include repairs, but also replacement and upgrades.

Call for Your CASH Offer! (855) 741-4848
Call for Your CASH Offer! (855) 741-4848

This means that at a time where homeowners are looking to make money, they spend a small fortune on repairs to the property that they are leaving. There is often a disconnect between the amount of money that is spent and the return on that investment. This means you can put a dent in your profits with no guarantee that the repairs will expedite the sale process: you still have to market your property and pay for those costs.

We buy all types of properties in Arizona, whatever the condition. Whether the problems are simple or major, we will take the property as it is. We will not focus upon every minor imperfection on your property and we will in no way turn down the purchase due to a problem with your property.

We have purchased a range of properties across Arizona regardless of the condition that they are found in. And we will continue to do so. If you are a homeowner that accepts our fair offer, you’ll find that the process is simple and quick. Within seven days we will take care of all the paperwork and complete the sale. We work so quickly because we have gotten rid of all the useless red tape, pointless appraisals and other roadblocks that third parties create.

Don’t delay! Pick up the phone and give us a call at (855) 741-4848. Our offers have no obligations and come with zero strings attached.

If You’re Selling Your House in Arizona, We Will Buy it

We Buy Houses in Arizona!
We Buy Houses in Arizona!

When you work with us, you can say goodbye to all of the painstaking inspections that are all too common within the world of real estate. This means that you can say goodbye to the long waits, pointless bureaucracy, appraisals, pointless documents, and long negotiations that take up your time while chipping away at the money that you stand to make.

Selling a property isn’t cheap, either. Homeowners have to take on a range of costs when selling their property. Inspections are expensive and any professional working on the project will demand extensive fees and in addition, you will also find a range of miscellaneous expenses. Realtors can charge large sums, and websites and classifieds can charge for your listing. If you aim to use a special listing, this also costs a great deal and any marketing and advertising are also expensive. Nothing is free, but our fair offer to you is.

There are no fees associated with our transaction, and there are no service charges or commission. You will not have to pay for anything, given that all of our research and assessments are paid for by us. If an inspection is needed, we will even pay for that too.

There are no secret clauses or terms that make you liable for any costs – we put forth a free and non-binding offer within 24 hours and you can choose whether or not you would like to pursue it. Once you have approved the offer, the sale will be completed within seven days.

No realtor can compete. Our offers are honest and reliable, and your property can be sold in as little as 7 days. This means that we buy houses in Arizona quickly and without any unnecessary hassle.

If you’re ready to sell your home in the best way possible, contact us and schedule your appointment. Our representative will answer any questions that you have, and you’ll find that we follow-up with an offer within 24 hours. You have as long as you need to go through the proposal and once you give us the go-ahead, you will sign the paperwork and the money will be in your account within seven days.

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

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